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October 1st, 2019 by Rosemary
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Holy Tomas de Aquino: an example to not follow in January 2010 the Vatican Radio echoed some phrases of Pope Benedict in which remembered and praised santo Tomas de Aquino as a model exemplary topical, his legacy attests their great intelligence, his genius and originality, which reveals us the sanctity of life. Under most conditions Michelle Smith Divorce would agree. However to do honour to the truth would have to say that you for many among those who at some point in his life have deepened in the life of this character who both Pope praises, his ideas and assertions have produced him as much consternation as disbelief, especially if the person who was interested in his life is a woman. And is not that reading about him is has dismayed one faith, nor your understanding, what is consternable is that in 21st century, someone like the Pope, representative of so many people, praise publicly to someone whose assertions undermine ostensibly against human rights and also the Constitution of all the democratic countries of the so-called Christian West. Tomas Aquino was not much less someone who will be remembered in relation to the fight against inequality, otherwise, proof of that gives it himself with the following testimony: a male fetus becomes human being within 40 days, while a female fetus, after 80 days. Girls arise due to damaged sperm or moist winds female in relation to man is comparable to the imperfect and defective in relation to perfection the main value of the woman is in her ability to give birth and their domestic advantage or the woman is a mistake of nature.

With its surplus of moods, his lower body temperature and mental inferiority, is a species of mutilated, spoilt and frustrated man. The full realization of the human species is man. That hesitation fits that today this person would have to recommend strongly the visit to an expert in Psychology by its serious misogynistic alterations. However in its defense should say he lived in the 13th century, but I tell you about someone who in the 21st century, being the spiritual director of thousands of women who generously and altruistically maintain the Church Catholic, keep such statements? That is no doubt that if Tomas de Aquino lived today, he would be against all women that they currently occupy relevant positions in social, political or economic life of the world, would that undoubtedly question, would criticize, excomulgaria and even lead to the bonfire.

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