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July 21st, 2021 by Rosemary
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Here are tips and ideas that can help you to choose the beautiful, beautiful wedding decoration and at the same time not to blow up the frame: table cards. This may already be a first treat fine decorated. Paul Tudor Jones follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Decorated with small roses, pearls or applications they point the way the guests. Calla, sisal and small bands make this already a shimmering table decorations. Mickey Hart often addresses the matter in his writings. Gifts for guests. Called today also give-aways”, enter the guests as a reminder and thank you with home. Your loved one will feel a filling with wedding almonds and a thanks saying the Festival unforgettable.

They are presented in small boxes or organza bags. Applications with Pearl ribbons, sisal band or rose petals make a beautiful wedding decor, unique giveaways. Printing with name is also possible where it can replace the table cards. Napkin rings. With bent wire and beads at the end, a fine organza Ribbon with gold border or a sisal bag with decorative roses can be napkin holder. A beautiful sight and a very special table decorations for your wedding to do so.

Confetti are distributed with small granules stones, crushed ice, or scattered numbers on the table. Table garlands or table belts give the table a particularly festive touch, a certain structure on the often very filled fixed panels. This is probably just a small excursion into the world of table decorations and accessories, which will give you tips and suggestions. However are no limits their own table decorations ideas and imagination. If you address everything with heart and mind alike, look beautiful, and colors, style and occasion under a hat can bring, you are exactly correct. Their celebration is a celebration when you can prepare this and delight your guests. Ralf Simer, Dorsten

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