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I’ve always noticed is that as soon as they bought a computer installed a fresh operating system, installing a few toys and software, computer did not even work very poorly, ie, quickly and reliably without any brakes, and various glitches that commonly arise from the presence of the virus, and not only But after a week or two passes, maybe more (each different), such as computer infected by viruses begins to be unstable, ie beginning the very weird glitches and brakes, all sorts of errors, etc. Further, the person gets rid of these viruses, formats the hard drive to perform a new installation of the operating system. But goes something like this again, same time and re-start these glitches and brakes in the operating system. The most interesting is that the brakes and glitches occur without the presence of different kinds of computer viruses and serious errors.

Processors amd, of course, have an advantage over intel, sorry that it is, in my opinion, the only one. This advantage lies in the fact that no matter what you do not have brakes and glitches when working in the operating system, ie in any program or somewhere else, the game is not affected. The game was like before this well, so it will go. What can be said about the processors Intel. Processors amd, which are produced now, bask already smaller than their predecessors. Now talk about the pros and cons of processors intel Advantages: 1) These processors are at work do not emit so much heat, as both amd and even capable of something much time to work out without cooling, while amd instantly burned.

All is nice and it really is. But I do not recommend experimenting. Since not every processor is intel bear:) 2) Compared with amd processors are much more reliable. At least the fact that because of the virus you will not notice significant changes in the computer, ie, as such, the brakes will not, unless of course you have something serious is not picked up. And after you’ve cured your computer from viruses and re-install the operating system, the brakes and no glitches return to as long as your computer gets infected again some serious infection. amd, in contrast to intel, as I wrote above can hinder even in the absence of viruses and various bugs. Disadvantage compared to amd, I see only one: If glitches and brakes will be manifested in the programs, then the behavior of the processor in the games is also affected. Putting a computer for office to assemble a computer that will work with various office programs, need to pay attention to the ram and processor. Selecting a motherboard for this computer is not very important, graphics card can take even the cheapest, unless you are going to work in Photoshop or another some powerful graphics editor. While for a normal job in the editor do not need to buy expensive video cards, may be sufficient and not very expensive, if only the memory was at least 128 Mb. ps I really hope that these tips and advice sure to help you select the computer you want.

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