Proceeding to Dialogue

April 4th, 2012 by Rosemary
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Therefore, if a person disagrees with the lifestyle of another individual, with his way of thinking, acting, use of his the property or the pursuit of happiness, we must proceed to the dialogue, never imposing. Use force the state to impose his own ideas on how to be, behave or use of property is immoral and unacceptable. The rights of every individual from the principle of self-ownership is derived from the basic right of every human being to choose their way of life. Since life is a process of actions taken by each according to his thought, the right to choose their way of life includes freedom to take action in sustaining life and enjoy it.

This is how, the basic right to choose their way of life, derive the right to freedom of action and expression, the right to property (to support her life and the right to the pursuit of happiness) for enjoy your life. We affirm that everyone has those rights and that they should not be violated by anyone. Similarly, these rights should not be subject to a vote, as the majority has no moral authority to take away minority rights – and the world’s smallest minority is the individual. No matter what she looks like a just cause, if its achievement requires violating the rights of one person, then it is not fair, is immoral. Consider these rights in detail. The Right to Choose How Life is obvious that a person who lives alone on an island, depending on itself to survive, you can freely choose their way of life.

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