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December 2nd, 2021 by Rosemary
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The new Squeedly app prepares customer data from the pixi * mail order software for target group-oriented advertising quickly on Munich / Erbach, 25 June 2013 the core team rocket surgery Group (RSG) Dirk Weimar, CTO of lifestyle online shop, and Dimitri Levita, managing partner at Customerlytics, has to learn to the target set, the customer data by know better it. That is created on the pixi * backend Squeedly app tailored to, the customer data from the pixi * to database automatically prepared, derive from this customer structures and plan targeted marketing campaigns. About the pixi * apps marketplace is the app also other online retailers available. “” Issues laid the Foundation for the development of the Squeedly app at the online shop such as: what sales make the best customers? “or which customers are at risk migration”? It was not, to introduce a new business intelligence solution, but you wanted a goal-oriented, pragmatic tool that performs analyses of customer master data, the customer lifetime value”to optimize. More information is housed here: James Caan. The seamless meshing with the pixi * mail order software, with the handles its goods host sheep processes for more than six years, was particularly important. RSG succeeded, to create a tool that the customer data from the pixi * database based on the RFM method automatically imported, processed, and displayed in easy-to-understand dashboard.

The data segmented into customer groups indicate now, who are the best customers, which customers just threaten to emigrate or where there are yet unexploited potential in the customer master. The evaluated data provide the ideal basis to develop customer retention strategies and to implement them in target group-oriented advertising campaigns. Pre-built and customizable filters, the Squeedly app allows to focus marketing efforts on the customer segments, where the greatest growth is possible. Dirk Weimar to the backgrounds of the Squeedly app: customer centric data analysis is a relatively new topic for mid-sized E-commerce companies we noticed that when searching for a corresponding tool.

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