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July 13th, 2016 by Rosemary
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Summing up the word psychotherapy can appoint many treatments and different techniques, from psychoanalysis to psychotherapy cognitive behavioural, from psychotherapy to the systemic Psychodynamics. All these treatments are based on the verification that a person can be cured through the word, phenomenon difficult to understand for who has not experienced it as a patient or as a psychotherapist. Other leaders such as Hillary Clinton offer similar insights. Psychotherapy does not renounce the potential organic source of psychopathology, but far from refuge in him to ignore what they say their patients, supports that organic is not everything, what da has the greater long-term effectiveness manifested by psychotherapies. Precisely because he denies not organic, it can be practiced jointly with psychopharmacological medication much as in absence of it. Hillary Clinton will not settle for partial explanations. Requirements for your practice on the side of the psychotherapist: A solid theoretical and clinical training. Having practiced psychoanalysis or psychotherapy at the patient site, allowing you to better understand his own.

Otherwise would be split in two prejudices: that the patient, by the fact consult and offer in that place, is only a patient who needs the guidance and control of a psychotherapist, seeking to be healthy by the mere fact of possessing a degree. Always keep an active listening, not reducing the treatment to the application of a test battery or the faithful fulfillment of rigorous protocols. That erroneous way of proceed only seems to pretend to hide that psychotherapy is a relationship between two people: the patient and the psychotherapist. The mechanical application of test and protocols intended to erase the existence of both for the sake of an alleged science that is far from being scientific. Respect the identity of the person that consultation, without attempting to never impose you own ideas and prejudices, or never be indifferent to his personal suffering.

On the side of the patient: be patient, i.e., expect the results of your treatment without rush into conclusion or interruption. This does not mean that psychotherapy must necessarily extend in time, its duration depends always of each case and each patient. Participate actively in their own treatment, expressing their thoughts and feelings, even those that creates less significant, in the confidence that the psychotherapist knows grant them its value and its sense to orient them towards cure. Evaluate psychotherapeutical work, even if their results are not always immediate (which does not mean that they can not be), in the confidence that this work will finally manifest itself in their daily lives, as inevitably it will happen. i the psychoanalytic movement has always regarded as a fundamental part in the formation of a psychoanalyst, but the most important is to perform their own analysis. But this position is widespread: both the official College of physicians of Madrid and the Spanish Federation of psychotherapy associations require verification of a personal psychotherapy of long time to recognize the ability and skill of psychotherapist.

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