Lucrative Leasing Deals

October 17th, 2017 by Rosemary
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Many IBM Business Partners offer innovative leasing for licenses from the IBM Passport program, especially for products such as Lotus Notes, DB2, Tivoli at. About the leasing model, the partners addressed mainly to companies who want to protect their IT budget and their liquidity. In addition, the solution partners offer bundles, for example, with CRM solutions. The result is for IBM customers price advantages of up to 30 percent. For more information about IBM Passport Advantage and Lotus Notes Domino license management offers the Lotus Notes available for free info packet. In addition, enterprise software licenses can buy over lucrative leasing deals with flexible contract terms, and so for example if the term of 3 years working for about 5 euros per user per month with the leading collaboration software Lotus Notes. They come to enjoy the full functionality of the popular IBM platform and can be realized thanks to Lotus Notes via electronic teamwork of their staff not only productivity but also theIncrease responsiveness. Regular updates of the IBM products are in the new leasing products already included. Customers who switch from other e-mail systems to Lotus Notes, even waving price advantages of up to 50 percent. To match the new license, we offer leasing to customers an information portal around the topic of IBM Lotus Notes and Passport Licenses available. The portal, in addition to holding product and service information and useful tips for buying new and more favorable for the activation of old licenses bereit.Die currently presenting the latest market figures Lotus Notes collaboration software into the undisputed leader in messaging and groupware market. The growth curve of IBM Lotus Notes / Domino still runs steeply upward. The solution area continues to gain impetus. In particular, CRM and workflow solutions based on Lotus Notes gaining increasing both in medium-sized enterprises but also in the large corporations in importance. Today, more than 130 million users in over 46,000 companies using Lotus Notes as a messaging andGroupware platform. This means a market share of over 42% worldwide. Lotus Sametime alone was more than 7.5 million new users in the 4th Quarter of 2006 to win. Author: Sabine Friedersdorf GEDYS GmbH

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