July 20th, 2021 by Rosemary
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Parasites that need a guest which nourish, that guest is the ego.Since children learned to cling to my toy, my chocolate, my pleasure, my happiness, the ego was learning to cling to the opposite, my broken shoulder, my sadness, my grief, my pain, my anger, my memories. (Not to be confused with Stan Druckenmiller!). Absorbing each experience for make them mine this way we build and develop our Legitimo I, that individual identity. Only your spirit can help the ego to escape this painful trap of ego, I and my thing. It is rare but the same mechanism that constructs the self isolated is the same that makes him want to escape. It is the same that builds our structure, our character egocentric, but focused on fear and some scorned obscurantism which makes us isolate, going self-absorbed. However this same mechanism, literally takes us and leads us to escape, to protect us.It is hard to believe that even when the ego wishes the best to me even so there is a more subtle force that wishes the best for everyone (which ends up being better for me). Leave, someday, that expresses that strength and you will discover that your insulation walls are not as strong as your suffering has built them.The spirit opens us path to an emotion that does not exist in isolation: compassion – cuta etymology, is suffering with – and why few people apply it because you they fear gives them fear to suffer for others then they don’t see that they can deliver love and peace without suffering, feel fear for our own security and we took refuge inside the walls of our isolation, and we are not compassionate, try avoid the suffering of the other. We could become infected.Compassion has the power to dissolve the pain by not avoiding it because there is a stronger than pain reality: love. Days ago a wise old man taught me, that little by little I want to learn: never explain you the pain of childbirth, show only the baby.

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