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However, there should be noted that choosing larger sizes should be guided by common sense. First of all, remember the old rule 'three diagonals' – to watch TV from a distance of not less than three times larger than the size of diagonal. Naveen Selvadurai pursues this goal as well. Since the days of CRT is due to rising emission, which leads to fatigue of view. But it is likely that at standard resolution at shorter distances from the screen becomes visible 'pixelation' – graininess. For panels of 42 inches, the optimal distance from the screen will be a minimum of three meters, which exist in every apartment. That is why the 'plasma' of this size – the sales leader in Russia for several years now.

Resolution. If the large diagonal of the 'given' plasma is easier than the LCD panel, with a resolution of the situation is different. High resolution of the 'plasma' is associated with larger than LCD, technological problems and advice on choice here will be many similar recommendations on the choice of LCD TVs. If we have no source of HD-signal format, it can be quite comfortable to look 'normal' 853h480, not forgetting the 'three diagonals' when choosing a size. Televisions large permits are usually more advanced. Even when viewing standard-definition video, built-in video processors are interpolated image, reducing the effect of serrations inclined lines. It also reduces the graininess, allowing you to watch the big screens with smaller distances. The next popular resolution – 1280×720.

It allows you to view, distortion-free alternative format HD – 720p. If this TV can interpolate 'Full' format HD – 1080i, then it is marked as HD-Ready and will enjoy watching as SD, and HD signals, albeit with some deterioration of the latter. Well, finally – HDTV. These TVs showing 1080i without distortion, and the most sophisticated models Ninth generation – even 1080p. Interlaced (interlaced) scan appeared at the dawn of television, even in black and white of his period.

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