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March 8th, 2013 by Rosemary
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Logically we have not included all the questions that affect the handling of the bike. We could make multiple mathematical combinations and would need an entire page to develop this article. A well-known former foreign pilot speaks in his book of more than 100 possible combinations taking into account only the pressure in the front brake, clutch and throttle. There are pilots who participate in competitions of speed you don’t know or remember some of those answers. This mean that has no impotancia knowledge or memorize these details?. At all.

Knowing the basics of driving and operation of motorcycle dynamics is something necessary for anyone intending to use a motorcycle but especially for a racing driver. Surely, if several colocaramos cameras recording in their bikes would observe that they apply the technique correctly. They simply do so in an automatic and almost robotic way at every turn. But only from the knowledge you can make some variation in your riding and not You will lose confidence after a fall because you will have identified the problem. Even if handled in a human error.

Once the pilot assimilate and learn all the technical and dynamics of the bike may devote more attention to other no less important things as for example in the case of competition pilots to analyze of slate, partial data the laptimer, breathing, relax your arms, pay special attention to possible skids, wear, tire lap to change gears, temperature engine, against handlebars, references, etc. In the case of a motorcycle driver spent the rest of his attention to possible changes of asphalt, traffic, white lines, sliding spots, traffic lights, crossings, shipments, animals, etc. The handling of the bike could be considered an art and it is in constant evolution. Pilots and factories apply new improvements every year both in technology and in driving stubbing times per lap of each circuit.

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