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Tips to install the air compressor Stelo the choice of the place for installation of the Ste-lo compressor must well be planned to prevent future annoyances. 1. It reads item 2 and 3 in page 4 of the Manual of Instruction (It lowers the Manual of Instrument 2. In some cities the installation of the compressor in the bath house is forbidden by the Monitoring, by some reasons of this site is not recommended. 3.

If the ducts are entrenched to place them in the canalization, to be capable to substitute it, if necessary in the future. 4. Specific place for compressed air hoses. 5. Bore of the hose is 1/4 ‘ ‘ intern. 6.

Before binding the compressor, he removes the pallet (wood) and to place the rubber feet that are anti-vibration and levelling. 7. The temperature of air will be caught by the compressor is very important, therefore its high air density diminishes, reducing the inhaled mass being compromised the efficiency of the compressor, that is, the compressor goes to work more to compress the same one amount of air. Tips and cares – compressing of air Stole In the end of the day of work, it disconnect the breaker and to drain the tank to remove the accumulated water. Filter also drains regulator, the water cannot arrive at the filter element. Stelo compressor the amount of 135ml of oil is very small. It verifies the monthly level (item 5 of 5 pg of the instructions – click to make download of the manual here)

Generally has air emptyings compressed in the net, if the compressor to function without having that to use air, because it is leaking – Finds and eliminates it. A good form to find emptyings is to pass a water solution with soap in the connections of the air net. It looks for to have an environment of possible quieter work is not only pleasant, but also it is good for the health. However, it has places where silence is practically impossible because the used equipment, a good example is the odontolgico doctor’s office. To have an idea in a ontological doctor’s office the noise arrives the 85 decibels, noise that considered harmful to the health. But what to make when you cannot resign to these equipment? An alternative is to look devices that combine the quality of the level of possible lower noise. The exchange of devices implies benefits of an environment of quieter and more pleasant work of health. The compressor DCL + carried through Stelo this, ally with the quality known with a low level of noise in comparison with other products offered in the market. In the site you can find more compressing tips and information Del-Stelo for two and an equipment.

This month, you deliver the four compressors for consultation rooms, in the state of Rio De Janeiro, both were in the box and screwed pallets, for the security, very packed well and delivers for transporter. Left 21 of February here and it arrived back in 23 of February of 2011, both 220 volts. Of far optimum market of air compressors, everything for ontological, this compressor can be inside of the office, and work with low level of noise. Equipments store and a store that vende all Brazil, with products of quality and guarantee, NC, has some articles and the main products are vendors, ontological sterilizers, compressors and closets Haydee company.

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