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April 22nd, 2014 by Rosemary
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The best leaders know that they must continue to develop and grow to perform their true ability. In the current economic climate, where there is every time there is more demand for leaders to take and implement decisions, the need for personal development planning is probably even more important than ever. But what are the 5 key benefits of approaching the planning of the development staff with the same rigor and professionalism of planning activities? Advantage 1: self-reflection Justo as the planning of activities, personal development that plan benefits with an assessment of where it is now. To do this, you have to reflect on their skills, knowledge, experience and personal attributes and considered: What you do well What you do not as well That this self-reflection would even more effective is not only powerful in terms of their personal development planning, but also in the knowledge of his conscience. Advantage 2: personal development planning clearly has two key aspects. The first decides that activities and areas you want to focus on short-term, decide the next 12 months. The second is on the acquisition of clarity about where you want to reach in your career over the next 5-10 years.

Personal development planning helps you get that clarity. Advantage 3: decision making we are continuously faced with a number of options in our work and our lives. Being clear about his priorities for his career, the kind of experience that you have to acquire and skills and attributes you have to develop it helps make informed decisions quickly. Advantage 4: view long-term we found by chance colleagues who took a promotion or a change of job that offered him something exceptional in the short term, but turned out to be a poor long-term choice. While a big pay rise might seem attractive, wondered whether the decision will help you achieve your longer term career objectives. Advantage 5: wise investment there is surely no shortage of options for spending their own or cash in your organization in education and development. On the other hand you want to ensure that you make the most appropriate investment. If you has a clear objective or the target this is done much easier to make.

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