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November 13th, 2014 by Rosemary
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If you’re abreast of technological advances, you have heard speak frequently of Cloud Computing, a business model in which services are provided through the network, including data, applications, various resources. Hence that also is has popularized the term work in the cloud already that our computer systems won’t have to accommodate all the information, which translates into greater agility in the provision of services and use of resources, and the availability of used services regardless of our location. On the other hand we have a very safe infrastructure, perfectly prepared to protect all these data, contemplating the possibility of our cloud is private, public or hybrid. In the public Cloud it activities is us poporcionan from the network, over the Internet, providing that we can leverage the resources and possibilities without having to know the technological infrastructure. In the case of the private Cloud, we find that there are still running as a service, but rather than being provided by the Internet, the activities and functions are organized within the company’s intranet. And in the hybrid case can decide which types of services want is us to provide either internal or external. The Cloud features allow that their benefits are mined by any company, regardless of its size, without be only suitable for larger organizations. It is in this area where IBM, one of the companies with more force at Cloud level, has brought its innovations, since they have created a specific section on the web in that order, giving the possibility to hire free of charge Cloud services, and pay for single resources when they are needed.

Presenting also a payment model for use with preferential prices which may be obtained through packages of reserved capacity. On the page there is also a section that allows us to estimate the costs, as well as specific information about the adoption of cloud computing and opinions of clients or experts associated with the work in the cloud. This possibility of hiring the services with a single click, allows that the companies that are interested in adopting this type of strategy, can do so saving you long processes administrarivos. And it is saving one of the keys to this strategy, since among its features is reducing investment capital, or in labor costs. Which others joined as the standardization of tools and settings, or agility, since with the self-service web portal we can provision us in a few minutes, and with the extensive catalog of software images to which we have access to enjoy greater flexibility. If you want to learn more about Cloud Computing, or are evaluating the possibility of being part of this strategy, you can access IBM to complete the information.

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