Wooden Houses Construction

July 22nd, 2014 by Rosemary
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The domestic market of wooden house today is rapidly growing. This not only promotes the attractiveness of environmentally friendly natural materials that have many advantages, but also actively advanced technologies. Wooden house of the XXI century gives its residents a unique atmosphere of unity with nature and at the same time meets all current safety requirements, durability and comfort. Traditions wooden house reborn, not only in Russia but also in Europe. Construction of wooden houses in Russia during the centuries contributed to the presence of high-quality and inexpensive wood of any species. How could it be otherwise, while almost a third of the country is dominated by forests? Today, the construction of wooden houses and cottages is experiencing the peak of its popularity.

And the abundance of building materials can enter the untrained person in the state confusion. Construction of houses and cottages from logs, the construction of country houses using Canadian technology – why choose? The company “Kizhi” the architects and construction of houses, cottages, saunas. The company builds wooden winter and frame houses and cottages, summer cottages and saunas at home, both on individual projects, as well as offering standard designs of wooden houses and cottages. The construction company specializes in building wooden houses from logs to modern Swedish technology providing full services at any stage of construction, from creating the project wooden house with all the wishes of the customer and ending with installation of engineering systems and landscaping. During the construction of wooden houses, the company uses modern European developments (such as technology “thorn-groove”), which as a result ensure high strength and durability.

Advantages of houses made of logs is a unique property of the tree to “breathe” and thus preserve and maintain climate without air conditioning systems. Currently, the company “Kizhi” expanded the scope and besides building and designing houses made of logs, is engaged in construction log cabins manual felling, construction of cottages, as well as a full range of civil engineering works associated with low-rise building out of town. Today, construction of houses and cottages of wood – it is safe, accessible and reliably. One can not ignore the fact that the construction of wooden houses do not contain hazardous substances, and the tree itself – hi-tech material.

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