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August 27th, 2017 by Rosemary
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Why change the use of the voice over IP? The main advantage in using this type of service is that it avoids high charges (mainly long distance carrier) found in the use of traditional telephony (PSTN). Saving is used a single and same network to carry voice and data, allowing at the same time use all the capacity of an existing network is usually not to the best of your ability-which can be used for voice over IP without an additional cost. Very interesting is the fact that among users of IP voice calls are usually free, in contrast with calls from VoIP to PSTN which generally cost the user’s voice to IP East point should be the attractive feature for companies, and why not individuals, generate together a strong tendency of deployment of this technologyminimizing the costs of communication to end. You have to take into account, prior to the acquisition of this technology that there are two types of PSTN to IP voice service: direct inbound dialing (DID) for its acronym in English) and access numbers. This is important to know that limitations we can have in the future. In the first case, you connect to who makes the call in a direct way with voice over IP user; in the second case, it requires that the caller enter the extension number for the user of IP voice. Communication with numbers service is charged as a local call to who made the call from traditional telephony and is free for the user of IP voice. Development and progress in the creation of codecs for voice over IP has allowed that the voice is encode in data packets from ever-smaller size, in this way, communications of voice over IP technology require shorter increasingly bandwidths, allowing Internet connection possessing particular level, but especially at enterprise level..

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