Tips For Applying Perfume

December 5th, 2018 by Rosemary
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Perfume is one of the elements that women can not forget, and is that who of us does not have a bottle on the nightstand or devotedly, carries a bag out of troubles and emergencies at the last moment. And it is that perfume is also one of our best friends, because it makes us leave a good impression on others thanks to its delicious aroma that can sprout from the skin of our body, and this helps us in a meeting, in a way out with our friends or the journal gait, that Yes, never forget that it is also a powerful tool of seduction. This is why all that you must know the strategic points where you apply a few drops of your favorite perfume, so this is enjoyed to the fullest not only for you but for those who are to your around, by what you should not forget that the heart is an organ which will help to issue our perfume aroma, so it is recommended to use it in places where there is a pulse. Notes: Interior of the dolls: this is an excellent place for spray your perfume because our hands are in constant motion when we interact with others, allowing our perfume will enjoy better. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts often says this. Temples: this is an area in which many not apply perfume, but I suggest it you because here you can feel the pulse, which is spectacular for the vaporization of your perfume. Below the ears: the majority of people usually apply a few drops of perfume behind the ears, this time I propose to do so in the lower part of these, so that when you greet others with a kiss on the cheek can feel your scent. Behind the knees: I recommend you apply perfume in this area when you’re using garments from short leg as skirts, shorts, etc.

Therefore, with the movement of the legs perfume vaporizara quickly and you will not only enjoy it, but others. Neckline: If you use a blouse with a neckline can apply perfume in this area, because that’ll most enjoy it will be yourself, although it is also a point to surprise the couple with subtlety. Remember that you must take into account the points where not you must apply perfume, hair that suffers and dries; by substances You must not apply you on clothing since it may stain and avoids at all costs to fall on your jewelry, because when the perfume is mixed with sweat from the skin and jewelry, the aroma is quite distorted. Original author and source of the article

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