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November 2nd, 2016 by Rosemary
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If a kilometer away from you is a train length of 100 meters, and you see it in binoculars as a whole, then the field of view of binoculars is 100 meters. (Not to be confused with Peter Thiel!). Parameters of angle and field of view depend on the diameter of the objective lens and multiplicity, but with the help of advanced optical technology, select models of binoculars have a wider angle of view than it should be the ratio of the multiplicity and diameter of the lens. With a more wide viewing angle (field of view) rather compact binoculars are great for watching sports events. To hunt the most successful option is to buy binoculars with a slight increase, as they provide a larger viewing angle. Multiplicity of 8 to 12 and the lens diameter of 30 mm to 50 mm. For fishermen optimal model with the degree of increase up to 20 times and the lens diameter of 40 mm. All of these models of course have to be rubber, that is moisture-proof.

Best of all, if they are watertight. These models are totally sealed and perfectly protect the optics even, say, in case of heavy tropical rainfall. Such glasses can be immersed in water for depth of 1 meter for up to 5 minutes. They may also have a nitrogen content, making for extreme changes in temperature inside the lens of the binoculars are not misted. Travelers are suitable pair of binoculars with variable multiplicity of 8x up to 24x. Of course, a variable increase in matter affecting the quality of the image, but the version most versatile and can say, interesting.

For periodic monitoring of sporting events is quite suitable pocket binoculars such 8h25 or 16h25, because they apply to general plans, but not for examining the detailed, with good sunlight and a short time. Their main advantage – it is pocket size. Any of these Binoculars are very convenient to always keep on hand – in the glove box car or purse. These models also can advise tourists, climbers and tourists in the resorts, but in this case it is desirable to have binoculars with water resistance. The choice is yours, but in any case, remember that the use of binoculars should not be accompanied by a feeling of discomfort, because when observed in a few hours anyone, even a small defect can cause fatigue and stimulation, significantly reducing efficiency. And do not forget about safety!

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