The Beginning

July 15th, 2014 by Rosemary
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(EDWARDS, P. 29). Being thus, he has yourself that the drawing is something apreensvel. He does not have the necessity of one to know previous, because the capacity to learn is intrinsic to the human being, and having will to learn, it will have with certainty a result of this will. 3.1 THE DRAWING OF FASHION WITH USE OF THE COMPUTER ' ' I want to emphasize that I consider computation one of the great conquests of the human knowledge, opening new possibilities, inimaginveis' ' , Ostrower says (1990, P. 188). This phrase basically summarizes all the importance of the computation in the apprehension of the knowledge and, consequently in the development of diverse activities that they need the human knowledge.

The first applications of the technology of the computer to the education had appeared at the beginning of the decade of 60. These applications incluam programming of courses, instruction supported for computer, accomplishment of tests, simulation of models and processes, as well as development of tutorial by means of the use of programming languages (HOUSES, 2002). But a thing is certain, the new technologies of information had come to be, is necessary to learn to deal with them, therefore they are more than what tools, them today structuralize the new forms of being able, to know and also to think. In these reflections, it would be impossible to ignore the intense emotivas reactions before the meteoric ascension and the current insertion of the computer in all the areas, it wants either in the work or the leisure, and still before its eventual influence on the direction of practical human beings in the future. Such reactions go of a extremity to another one, of feelings of allure and total deslumbramento the point of if seeing in the proper computers the art creators, the feelings of negation, loaded of personal threat and fear, before efficiency technique, the rapidity and precision of these machines.

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