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May 31st, 2015 by Rosemary
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Introduction In this work we carry through a diagnosis to verify the existence or not of Agroflorestais Yards in the Village Santana, city of Paradise of the Tocantins, where the Campus of Paradise of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Tocantins- IFTO bes situated. The agroflorestais yards are types of agroflorestais systems generally located close to the house, where mixtures of agricultural and forest species are cultivated, also involving the creation of small domestic or domesticated animals, manejados for the members of the family. It is a form of efficient arrangement of use of the land, traditionally found in the regions of tropical climate and with configurations formed for diverse extracts (MACEDO, 2000). The agroflorestais yards are older and common the model of humid SAF found in tropical, having as characteristic all main the great diversity of components, which supply to a production varied and diversified of foods and other useful products during all year (SCHIMITT, 2003). They are characteristic generalities of the yards, are urban or agricultural they: the food production for the familiar consumption; the creation of small animals; to serve as local for adaptation of varieties or new species of plants; the substance production cousin for the artesanato; the production of medicinal and ornamental plants; to serve as local of improvement of produced agricultural products in other areas of the property; to serve as space of pleasant convivncia and recreation. Moreover, it can be affirmed that, through its diversity, they guarantee the alimentary security of the family.. For more specific information, check out technology investor.

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