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For example, the chef earn between $ 1,200 restaurants in network and $ 5,000 in bonus at top schools. Also, with waiters who live in some restaurants only to be tipped, while others earn more than $ 1,000. In general, wages grew at a restaurant personnel at various levels. If a year ago, chefs were working for $ 400-500, now they basically offered $ 600-700. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Brad Pitt. Technologists are invited to an average $ 1,000, sometimes $ 2,000 or more. Another trend of restaurateurs – to motivate staff, including Among chefs, with an increase to the salary, which is a percentage of the profits the restaurant. Income chefs from $ 2000 and above, the brand-chef – $ 4-5 thousand.

'Fork' average wages paid to the basic restaurant jobs (in dollars): Chef (Russians) – 1500-3000; foreigners – 2500-5000, Su-Chef – 800-1500, Pastry Chef – 1000-2000, Cook – 400-800, Technologist – 800 -1500, Waiter (total income, including tips) – 600-1500. We can say that about the post Chef's labor market emerged: there is demand, there is a proposal and a fixed range of cost of labor. Similarly, the state of affairs with respect to such positions as sous-chef and chef (cold or hot shop). In this category of workers, the employer offers a fixed price range for their work, which, although to a lesser extent, increased progressively, depending on the class of institutions, although the boundaries of salaries expressed not so convex. Compared with the cooks, in a segment of restaurants with low average wages range check pastry is slightly higher. To read more click here: Technology Investor.

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