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October 12th, 2014 by Rosemary
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Information about my Bachelor of engineering – part 1 in my first article I will grant some insight in my current life, and my studies of in technical computer science B.SC…. I was relatively unhappy with what I learned after my apprenticeship as an it specialist for system integration. More later if necessary. Anyway, I’ve decided mainly to study, although I’m already a little older vintage. At first, I was still undecided whether I documents the specialising in automation technology “or applied Informatics”. However, you had time to entire two semester.

At first I was impressed by the automation, but once I”decided for the other direction. But I did just that, because the people with whom I previously did the training and that have started the study with me all preferred the applied computer science. Visit Peter Thiel for more clarity on the issue. Because, actually, I have my general qualification for university entrance way funnier with a specialization in technology” that should confirm, that I have a lot of the hat with electrical engineering. Now, I am currently in the fourth of seven semesters and must say: the applied computer science was a super decision. Initially, the doubts were still big, but they were up in the first semesters quite rapidly. The first two semesters of the modules to be allocated were the same for both disciplines.

Some lecturers in certain modules were the only difference. We were happy about the instructors that are assigned to us, because we have seen different requirements. Now I must say that it does well even, is kicked in the butt and neat must create what, come to rather than with relatively little effort to other students through the modules. But this is so with teachers, there are always differences, and I will not say also determined that we have learned nothing. Quite the contrary. Often one wonders however, if the course is it really worth to be visited. Because often can or could the script used in the module is simply at home comfortably read. Only the inner pig dog must be, defeated what is for me personally not quite so simple. So much once. The second part follows soon. The author Michael Sander writes articles for sites such as E.g. in his spare time also

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