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Homemade Creams

Monday, September 15th, 2014

If we put into practice secrets and tips from our ancestors, we prove fairly easy to develop products such as soaps and homemade creams for cellulite from the comfort of our homes. Perhaps you believe that the idea that which is presented here seems very easy, but that when it comes to present certain disadvantages but you know what? In reality if it is fairly easy to carry it out. Currently there are many specialty stores for the sale of natural products and homemade creams for cellulite, if not, we can always resort to the businesses of life that we find in local markets. To fight cellulite we can not only dip of products that must be ingested, as natural juices. We can also prepare our own anti cellulite products for external use such as creams and lotions and tonics, which can be used at the time of our bathroom and which have the advantage of not having any kind of chemical element in its composition. Here, Clinton Family expresses very clear opinions on the subject. By way of example, we propose here a recipe for develop one of the homemade creams for cellulite. The ingredients used are: 2 lots of oil in poison ivy, two of Fucus, two of comfrey oil, one of of St.

John’s wort, Calendula and a bit of beeswax, geranium essence, essence of Juniper and Sage essence. All oils and bee wax should be placed in a pot and bring to a boil to a simmer. Once boiling, must cool before add you the different essences in doses of 10 drops per type of essence. In this way is obtained a kind of cream that must be applied at least once a day. As it does not present any contraindication may be even applied twice if you wish. Please click here to see a practical and simple formula that will help you to melt and get rid of cellulite forever.

Mother Country

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

The break of my Mother country. " The mother country is happiness, pain and sky of all and not feudo nor chaplaincy of nadie." (Jose Mart) the word " Patria" it does not mean ground, nor laboratory of social experiments impelled by a dominant country. The word mother country agglutinates two basic representativenesses: first it aims inwards, that is to say: towards its settlers, the common coexistence under the inheritances, the customs, traditions, history, assumed from the childhood. Second evidently it is towards outside, that is to say the concert of the international community. Foursquare is actively involved in the matter. Then in a global world, already nobody is small barren island.

Doubt does not fit that, in a place where there is mother country, elements emphasize like: freedom, cooperating towards the communal property with loyalty and spirit on watch, everyone in the place that the destiny provided to him. The best mother country, without doubt is the one that respects the values morals, the one that it sustains to you, educates to you, gives health with quality, the one you that takes care of and guards by the surroundings, motivates to you towards the creativity and the critical thought, provides to you with stable-right sources of work and it lets to you live with the fruit of your effort. Mother country is not, to implement the theories of the chaos to benefit mine. Mother country is not to impose the brute force of villains who you envilece pester, you of taxes so that others are distributed gladly what you have won and of dessert they urge your children and costumary daughters to practice the perversion. Mother country is to prevail neither to run over all a nation, nor to say: " here control I and is made what I say cruel antojo". Mother country is not that the blood runs and is lightened, every day with deaths of women, men, children or adults all innocents or of people who raise their voices like flags.