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Management Seminars

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

The effectiveness of the company depends largely on the competent manager. Only a skilled director is able to steer employees to achieve a common goal. Peter Thiel has similar goals. For effective leadership by the manager must possess a set of knowledge management. But the modern experience shows that managers with specialized skills and trained in management, is extremely small. In fact, managers who own new ideas and methods of work, ability to adapt to changing conditions, can achieve great results.

Feature of business education for managers is in the specifics of their professional activities. Learning objectives managers are quite diverse. Seminars on management tend to the maximum to achieve them. Among the most important objectives are the following: 1.Poluchenie theoretical knowledge in different areas of management activity (economics, finance, marketing, people management, etc.). 2.Dat the necessary knowledge and practical skills while working with the team. 3. view of the future strategy development of the company and tactics to achieve the final result. Seminars on management must take into account all the nuances of working with leaders.

First and foremost, be aware that students of similar seminars – it is adults tend to have higher education, with experience in managerial positions. If you would like to know more then you should visit sander gerber hedge fund. They come to training for practical skills, and to systematize their knowledge. Therefore, leading workshops on Management should strive to find additional opportunities to improve business, increase productivity by identifying untapped reserves. First and foremost, a program of seminars to be focus on practical goals of companies and to address potential issues that arise during the operation. Many managers attend seminars on management, realizing that the existing baggage of knowledge and experience is not enough to solve more complex issues. Today, managers need to know not only the production problems, but also a deep understanding of such disciplines as economics, finance and marketing. Experience the best Organizations that have achieved the highest results, shows that the effectiveness of the company is determined not so much of its manufacturing capacity (structure, technologies, equipment, etc.), but from an organizational culture of the company, its ability to form a staff desire to be first, the ability to mobilize the efforts of each employee to achieve their goals. Seminars on management must skillfully combine theory with practices should be aimed at improving professional skills, research on best practices, the establishment of the necessary skills to manage a team and independent learning. Company Beaver offers a range of short-term business seminars on various aspects of governance. Our management seminars will explain how to organize the work of the company, how to manage employees, how to delegate powers, and much more. Experienced lecturers will assist in solving your problems of any complexity and thematic focus. Management seminars are accompanied by consideration of practical examples of work Companies that allow you to quickly apply their knowledge in practice. We invite you to our classes.

Networked Thinking

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

For executives July 24-25, 2009 most people (and executives) encounter key skill already at about four factors on their personal boundaries, to overlook the dynamic interaction of the influencing factors. In this training, you have the typical problems of linear thinking in the management behind. Apply scientific findings about global links in our own company and produce applicable knowledge from complex business situations with a large number of influencing factors. Following questions take center stage: what are the hurdles to the networked thinking? How can you recognize complexity as a networked system? What is systemic thinking? How can you get the necessary overview and reliable navigation in difficult situations? How can you decide based – taking into account the information essential for the situation -? How to make complex problems taking into account manage the Biocybernetic principles? You will handle the following content: the consulting approach “Perspective” systems “can think”: complexity understand and represent constructivism, evolution and Biocybernetics the ‘genetic code theory’ for organizations systems thinking basics based of solution management as a consultant or Executive networked thinking on the basis of the “paper”computer by Professor Frederic Vester basic course networked thinking 24-July 25, 2009 02-Nov 02. 03.07.2010 more information courses/course_view.cfm/course_id:44 your contact: Bettina Kinder Company Description: Sands & partner Poinger str. For even more details, read what Actress says on the issue. 44 D-85570 market Swabia Tel. + 49 8121 41420 is sands & partners in the areas of consulting, training, organizational and personnel development on the market for 20 years. Sands & partners is a partnership with 16 exclusive SeniorberaterInnen.

It offers with served its customers consulting, training, moderation, coaching, mediation, education and trainings sands & partners over 1400 consultant / trainer days on different topics each year. Customers are international corporations, mid-sized organizations and start-ups. Sands & partners operates in: D, A, CH, I, E, NL, GB, CZ, SL, China. The project languages are German, English, Spanish, French and Italian. Training: Business-NLP, business facilitation, systemic management and coach education training: recruitment, Wachstumsorientiertes change management, coaching, leadership, intercultural communication and training, business communication, conflict management and negotiation, business mediation, business moderation, project management, self management, team and team development, sales and sales promotion, train-the-trainer, facilitation, OE, business facilitation, eModeration, eTraining, business mediation, coaching and supervision Sonja Schlappinger