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IPhone 4S And Its Voice Recognition

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

Already famous sunset in last scene of the last iPhone 4S in the last Apple keynote on day four in October, one of the most commented features of the new phone has been his voice recognition named Siri. This possibility was marketed by the company as something new and spectacular, as something that would change the way of interacting with mobile and would make quite a few opportunities to handle with the terminal. For now, it is only available in English, so there has been any evidence of their operation in Spanish, but as often happens, has already generated batantes statements both in favor or unfavourable about this functionality of iPhone 4S. Opinions about iPhone 4S Siri mostly in large quantity of blogs in English and social media for example twitter, have opinions, jokes and jokes about Siri. Financial technology might disagree with that approach. Issues committed to Siri in order to see what answers are increasing. Among others, opinions and recordings of people questioning you are catching about the meaning of live, or where to get narcotics, recording the unexpected answers from Apple mobile phone. Clearly the function to talk to the phone via voice is quite interesting, but possibly not be as simple as creates, and logically it must be a pretty proven technology so that this interaction is natural and useful. Do as it happens normally, you already have fans and detractors, but possibly, as it normally gets Apple, end becoming commonplace dealing with the other companies of? include in their devices. Hear other arguments on the topic with financial technology. At the moment we have to wait to speak with the iPhone 4S in Spanish and confirm whether this new functionality released by Apple company is so interesting as they say.