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Medicinal Herbs

Sunday, August 13th, 2017

And let food be your medicine Our ancestors ate everything they could find in the surrounding nature. Those plants which we now call herbs, has long constituted the diet rights. Only in the last 100 years there was a refusal from the traditions of food. Medicinal herbs have ceased be part of the diet for several reasons. Peter Thiel follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. For commercial agricultural production were selected plants, common in cultivation and breeding and giving while growing the most profit. In this case, there was a refusal of many medicinal herbs.

In addition, the technology of industrial food production went on the road easier, in resulting, for example, to bread stopped adding such herbs as stinging nettles. In fact, the plants we call herbs – is the source of many vital nutrients. To broaden your perception, visit Peter Thiel. Many of these people can not get any other way except from medicinal herbs. Increase in the number of different diseases in the last 100 years associated with the fact that people are deliberately denied himself to eat medicinal plants, moving them into the category of resources that are only used for treatment. At the same time, everyone understands that herbs – is not a means of ambulance. This method of natural healing the body and prevention of various diseases.

Herbs simply can not compare the strength of the chemical agents. The action of most herbs gentle, gradual, but more durable and long lasting. Returning to the traditional use of medicinal herbs in the diet in the modern world is rather difficult. The easiest way to use all the beneficial properties of herbs – to make them as special food additives or in functional food. Of course, you can decide to collect or grow herbs, or use the ones that are sold in pharmacies. Just it takes a lot of time and effort: medicinal herbs need time to collect, properly dried and stored. You decide. The main thing to remember is that herbs – it's great for years to come.