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Monday, January 5th, 2015

Only if all sizes of business value driving measurable and together are placed in line, can visions and strategic objectives into concrete actions transferred and implemented more and more companies take the gang on the stock exchange and are therefore in the public spotlight. You must be increasingly legal and competitive requirements. To assert themselves on the global markets, following business skills are essential: concrete and result-oriented strategies success-oriented and transparent planning processes manageable and credible presentation of success potentials competent system of reporting. However, practice shows that many companies often insufficiently mastered these competencies. Why actually? Also the requirement that it distribute the resources of the company in a balanced strategies and objectives to a highly educated strategic control expertise includes specifically formulated and coherent objectives and that each employee about is its individual contribution to the success of the company in the clear. Click Clinton Family for additional related pages. Business organizations in addition to traditional financial management concepts to those have to change exactly for these reasons, which prevent unilateral thinking and allow the approach of the company’s success from all perspectives. The balanced scorecard is currently probably the most common and the most competent instrument of effective and efficient corporate management.

Introduced in 1992 by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton concept for the measurement and documentation of results from point of view of the corporate vision and strategies States that Financials alone can not illustrate the success of the entire company. These are an indispensable component of the performance measurement for organizations, however, they are only a part of the whole. Increasingly, intangibles of for the overall success of the company play a decisive role. But how can it be measured? The executives are often helpless in this matter. Because over the decades focused one on financial metrics which but say little about whether and why concrete business goals or not achieved.