Professionals For Middle Management In The Hospitality Industry

August 12th, 2014 by Rosemary
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HGS successfully school for hotels, restaurants and catering: Although Rheinland went the HGS ago 18 months at the start, she has become a successful educational institution. Guest-commercial expertise for middle management is taught in Dusseldorf. At the end of the two-year training, the conclusion is State-approved / r managers. The Albrecht-Durer-Berufskolleg in black has taken this training offering. Rheinland is the HGS for all pupils open, because the costs are covered by the country and the city. Naveen Selvadurai is open to suggestions. So the school can meet its social education mission. Dusseldorf offered the opportunity, dedicated and highly motivated, trained professionals to make fit without tuition for modern catering jobs.

This would be not possible without offering the HGS Rheinland. The school will provide about 50 seats each year. Also in the summer of 2013, it goes again with two new classes. The Applications are already in full swing. All those who now have interest, should as soon as possible to secure a place and sign up.

Documents may also be filed later. The first interviews, we will perform after the Christmas holidays”, so Meik Steinbrecher, teacher and Deputy Head of the HGS Rheinland. An exciting, new phase has begun for the this year’s graduates. Requests are already run the first career planning in the conversation for qualified professionals who, as the hotel industry and gastronomy logs on a high demand for well-trained managers. With the completion of the dedicated professionals able successfully to run small or medium-sized businesses or to work in executive positions in large companies are. In addition to the commercial content in marketing, product development, and human resources management focus. We attach great importance on commitment and motivation in selecting the applicants and applicants. Here plays the existing budgets and the social origin doesn’t matter. We require a high willingness to learn of all alike, but place no value on elitist posturing”, says the head of the HGS Rheinland, Stephan Luck.

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