Players Need To Relax More

January 26th, 2017 by Rosemary
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On American official forums mmorpg World Of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment does not subside philosophical debates about the essence of the game and the fact that it makes users. For example, one of the players brought up the topic of the game in a “supersport”: addons say needs to be done and when; addons selects equipment, stones, and the effects of enchanting, in fact – the share of players in the game process is becoming less and less. Let’s just play encourages a user, not to surround himself crutches, addons, with the installation which screen WoW looks like the cockpit of modern fighter aircraft. At the just indignation of the player answered the employee to work with the gaming community, Nethaera, noting that she liked the “message of” this message. By the same author: Peter Thiel. According to her, the players are inherently possess the spirit of-Competition. Very often, they inspire others to follow them and repeat their success, forcing the latter to move faster and faster – this is something like laying pistes. Therefore, they stop paying attention to the scenery around, focusing on how to better achieve results quickly and taking a new record. Employee of Blizzard also believes that all players need from time to time “to press on the brake” and “relax..

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