Mini Dirndl And Silver Jewelry

October 12th, 2014 by Rosemary
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The dirndl and the jewellery fits to each other have the time of festivals and Carnival events slowly across the country again in. It is clear that at this time every woman want to wear suitable clothes for such celebrations. Because if one’s largest Folk Festival looks to just at the Oktoberfest in Munich of the world, one finds quite quickly that attention is paid to the outfit. And that which is not only in the celebrity visitors, will come to realize quite quickly. Almost everyone who has discovered the Oktoberfest for themselves, strutting in the right fashion, the fairground. But what exactly is the perfect fashion for such parties? For women, the Dirndl at the top is safe here.

No matter whether it’s the long flowing robes, the deep insights into the neckline or whether it cut in the form of the so-called mini Dirndl is worn flaunting. The men are mostly with a dress shirt and the Krachledernen pants. But also leather trousers are for example, colder days best suited. The main types of fabric that is used in traditional costumes are leather, suede and canvas. A genuine Dirndl is sewn from a linen fabric and fitted with many embroidery or ruffles.

That is typical Bavarian lederhosen is mostly made of suede. With the typical bib front, any lederhosen is actually only to a proper costume robe for men. While the men with special Haferlschuhen and matching wool stockings drawn from itself, the matching jewelry may not be missing in the women, to be perfectly equipped for the Oktoberfest. There is everything the heart desires just in costume shops. Silver jewelry is at the top. Because just the silver jewelry adds wonderfully to the costume. Elaborate decorations are not a rarity. That men think we know not so much emphasis on jewelry costume jewelry confined rather only the matching Pocket Watch, which should not be missing at a real Bavaria. Sandra Muller VZ(at)

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