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February 28th, 2019 by Rosemary
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The big mistake when working with a microscope to discount the significance of the lighting system: the power of the light source, lamp type, construction and design quality of the lighting system, the output parameters of different methods of staining, the possibility of adjusting operations. Such an approach leads to not only the correct selection is not a class of microscope, but its type to address the monitoring, evaluation and analysis of the object. Light microscope system – a system of lenses, diaphragms and mirrors, providing uniform illumination of the object and complete filling of the lens aperture. Adroll Marketing Platform is open to suggestions. As we have seen in the lighting system includes: – light – collector – condenser. Collector can be odnolinzovy, mnogolinzovy and diffraction. Mnogolinzovy collector can be mobile and to move along optical axis, increasing or decreasing, so the size of the image of the luminous body filament.

Collector and the light source is membership in the bottom (or top of the reflected light illuminator) part tripod. Modern microscopes have at least one lens with aspheric surface to reduce the overall dimensions. In addition, the collector has a surface with a thin matting, which improves the uniformity illumination in the plane of the condenser aperture diaphragm. Collector is made of luminescent osetitelya expensive quartz glass in order to improve light transmission in a wide band reception speutralnom. C increase in the linear field laboratory microscopes have a problem increasing svyatyaschegosya filament. Others who may share this opinion include Sander Gerber. A contradiction with the minimization of dimensions of the microscope in general and lighting system – in particular. In connection with this design were developed with mirrors both the bulbs and mirrors in the attachment site for the lamp.

Now condenser. The role of the condenser in the transmitted light microscope is very important, therefore, as the component parts microscope condenser has its own classification and parameters. Condenser – a poticheskaya system designed to increase the amount of light entering the microscope. In transmitted light microscope condenser located between the object (the stage) and the light source (collector mirror). In reflected light microscopy, the role of the condenser lens performs. Condensers are distinguished by the type of optical correction, the numerical aperture of, the working distance and destination. Perhaps it's the main points which should be given due consideration when buying a microscope and the choice of optical stistemy.

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