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September 11th, 2017 by Rosemary
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The Thinkers. So Paulo: April Culture, 1983, 2 edition pg 51 the 88. MARTIN Heidegger philosopher and poet, questionador of the time and the man, the being and the death, the land and deuses. Man who in such a way intrigues for the o thought as for the proper life. Noah kraft has many thoughts on the issue. He was one of the thinking greaters of century XX, that it sped up the problematizao of the being and history, disclosing in itself, one of the most beautiful philosophies. Heidegger uses many the terms: language, technique, to poetar, to think, thing, truth and finally existence and essence, this if explain in its insatisfao as all the content until then existing inside of the philosophy, and consider to remodel it, following the steps trod for Nietzsche, Holderlin and leave continued, where we perceive its clear influence in Gadamer and Hermeneutic Circulo.

The being meets with the truth, and the truth is the only direction to look the clear existence. The truth for the truth is to be covered way, Heidegger sees the way, but before seeing this simply way, already idealizes what it wants with ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ of the question and what ‘ is intended with this; ‘ caminhar’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ trilhar’ ‘ , the point is this where we can find a bigger veracity with its texts, to enxergar the way is alone to cover it when one objective one will have been determined already fixed. As Heidegger the Real is a positive possibility of truth, and this truth is deslavamento, is really ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ , the position of ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ different of ‘ ‘ power-ser’ ‘. The heideggeriano itinerary is in search of the truth, the truth of the Being. Heidegger shows as the esquecimento of the being of metaphysics, is the biggest provocation for the question of the thought.

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