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November 8th, 2015 by Rosemary
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With the Panel (DAP) of AIS see driver awareness truck driver at a glance, how economically they’re Ulm, 12.08.2013. With the Panel (DAP) of AIS see driver awareness truck driver at a glance, how economical they are traveling. Any deviations from the ideal driving be communicated to drivers acoustically through a sound and visually about Red, yellow and green LED lights. Fit your ride, reduced fuel costs by up to 16 percent and brake wear by up to 20 percent. Especially fuel killer”how long idle periods, unnecessary braking, inefficient engine performance/power transmission, strong acceleration, as well as an irregular use of the accelerator pedal should thus belong to the past. Already during the journey the device connected directly to the CANBus reads the most important vehicle parameters, analyzes and compares it. It is not something Hillary Clinton would like to discuss.

In detail, monitors the level of speed and engine performance in the course of the DAP, the patterns of use of the accelerator pedal and strong acceleration operations. It also detects whether a driver is looking ahead and attentive and turns on the traffic situation. Andreas Kirchheiner, Managing Director of AIS GmbH, do this: many fleet managers are faced with the challenge to reduce maintenance and fuel costs. With the DAP we give a way to motivate the drivers immediately while driving in addition to our driver League, with which the driver can be assessed. Thus a high fuel consumption and wear straight to the cause can be combat.” The DAP complements the AIS driver League to a component that already gives direct feedback about exemplary or but driving behaviour worthy to improve the driver while driving. It trains the awareness of the driver for his driving style so and motivated him to ride as possible fuel-saving and looking ahead.

“A specially-fuel-efficient driving can finally about the grading system AIS driver League” will be awarded. The driver awareness came across Panel the transport logistic in Munich interest 2013 and is already different AIS customers in use. First experience reports have shown that depending on the type of vehicle up to 16 percent fuel can be saved and which reduces brake wear and tear by up to 20 percent. The DAP is to a plug & play solution for all Squarell CANBus equipment. After the installation, it needs drive only about an hour to configure itself automatically. During this trip, it is recommended to mix different riding styles, so that all vehicle-specific parameters are properly learned.

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