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September 10th, 2017 by Rosemary
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In the Internet marketing community, there’s feelings about the Google AdSense program. Some people love it and make lots of money with him, and others do absolutely nothing or very little money. Without much saying those who earn very little money don’t know how to properly take advantage of the program, because the opportunity to earn much money these there. Brad Pitt is often quoted on this topic. The AdSense program attracts many webmasters or bloggers to its ranks. Apparently in this era of technology, everyone wants to have a presence online and if you can make money with it, so much better.

However, what usually write on his blog is not the proper context to make visitors click on the ads. Their blogs are blurred and therefore, it is not worthy of traffic for search engines. And then this eternal debate about the traffic search engines against the social traffic. Considering that the traffic from search engines may seem passe in the age Twitter and Facebook, there is something to say and people are looking for answers (so it clicks on AdSense) in opposition the sale of products with their friends and contacts in the network. At some point, the social welfare runs out. However, in a community of global search, never missing potential clients. So we already have two of the major reasons of the because people do not make money with AdSense: they are in a niche where there is heavy traffic or is not well paid for clicks and also make too much emphasis on social traffic. We can also add a third reason of the because people do not make money with AdSense and is because they come into niches where competition is too difficult.

As a solitary webmaster, you don’t have the resources to compete against large companies that have the weight loss niche or niches such as credit cards. Everyone knows that these niches are lucrative and why everyone enters into piles. To really make money with AdSense program, it is necessary to focus on attracting traffic through search engines in niches that have low competition but that can generate revenue at the end of the month. Even if you’re not going to make much money from a single site, you can create enough focused sites and you will be able to make a great income month by month. This is the difference between hitting a home run against hit many singles. Bearing in mind these tips, it is definitely possible to earn money with AdSense. Original author and source of the article.

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