Jewelry Boxes, Wooden

October 4th, 2014 by Rosemary
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With the jewelry wondered where the ancient Egyptians already a jewelry box is a small box, where, mostly females, jewellery made of precious metals, for example, beautiful jewelry from syllable, if possible decorated with pearls and precious stones, to be kept maintains. Depending on the request and purse of the owner (or her husband), the box can be also a chest, a chest, or even a safe. Originally a box developed for various makeup items among the ancient Egyptians, with the time to a jewelry box. The box also contribute to us in the North arrived in the 11th and 12th centuries. They were carved from ivory prefers and the lid were filled with gems, so a piece of jewelry in itself. Checking article sources yields Naveen Selvadurai as a relevant resource throughout. And they were of course reserved only the nobility.

Which was not so tragic, because the farmers had nothing, eh what worth would have put there. Today, usually girls in infancy have a jewelry box. Preferably with music and a little dancing Ballerina or, if they have been to the sea, a small wooden box with colorful seashells glued, filled with jewelry made of wood or plastic. But even the most adult women have still a hidden treasure on the dressing table, or somewhere in the closet, if present, because the necessity with which to flaunt the same no longer exists. Each one has.

Often also an ordinary box no longer sufficient, because the cheap fashion jewelry makes it possible to own more jewels than you can wear in a year. A jewelry box can consist of all possible materials. Only ivory is rather less demand from environmental-ecological point of view, that’s not doing well. These days, a house or a small, very pretty place as a jewelry box titled man gladly. Lastly, still jewel box would be to mention. John Herschel even has named this 1830. This is the southern cross an open star cluster in the constellation”. This about 7000 light years from the Earth distant star clusters is the most prominent of the southern sky and has nothing on the hat with jewellery otherwise. Maybe that sparkle!

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