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February 9th, 2014 by Rosemary
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Contextual advertising on web sites and the thermal map of the site is very closely intertwined. What is a heat map to your site? In simple words it is the most viewed user space pages. In this small article is about where it was most advantageous to place contextual advertising on its website in order to be the most revenue. Template most common sites in the network is usually a cap below which is the title page of the site is even lower content of the page. On the left hand column of the menu is usually located, and to the right column of news, subscription forms, forms for voting.

User hitting the site starts view it like this: first visible cap and the fact that under it, then the user is viewing the left side of the site after spending a little attention to the right side and then goes to the footer to pomotret there and it few stops. In general, most of the time visitors spend looking at the top center, top left, and one that over the footer of the site. In order to investigate the thermal map of the site can be use a special program that draws heat map clicks on the site. it has not yet accounted for, but if you are interested go for it. Find it possible for the respective key phrase in any search engine. In order to make money online on its website contextual advertising is most advantageous to have it in places where the user spends the most time watching it. In addition to the above simple rules location of the content on the site, there is another important rule: it should be visible without scrolling down any of its pages. By following these few simple rules of layout content is quite possible increase the income of the site.

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