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December 26th, 2013 by Rosemary
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Do you want to live in a Green House, a House that saves energy, water, food and materials, and can even produce more vital resources which uses? If that is what you want, enconces are on track to be a person who helps to protect and preserve the planet we all share. Each and every human being can implement some ecological aspect in our homes, and by this small AIDS to curb global warming. To start you need learn about ecological houses, which can be found in many possible shapes and features. Initially there to learn about the principles of eco-design to be applied in this case to create your own home. It is necessary to look for examples of specific applications, such as designs solar power systems or other sources of alternative energy, or greywater systems. It is very important to know the applications that should be used in the design, and so same as these together, must be processed why all this requires knowledge of the underlying principles that can be found in the network. On the other hand, recent studies have shown that homes and large buildings are the biggest culprits and generators of pollution, since they produce more than half of all greenhouse gases.

For the above and many more reasons the ecological houses are designed to reduce energy consumption and waste production. They are made to take full advantage of the natural resources and they are built with sustainable materials that do not leave a negative impact on the environment. The majority of green homes, really aren’t very big, will not be found with spacious bedrooms or kitchens. In fact, the majority of ecological houses, occupy very little space. This leaves more land for plants and flowers that grow at its around, what amounts to a clean, fresh air. An ecological House is built with sustainable resources such as reclaimed wood from the bed of the rivers, dead standing wood or buildings and houses that have already been torn down. Many other materials of natural origin are also used. Things like mud, stone, bamboo and straw are very effective materials to build different parts of the House.

One of the main objectives of an ecological House should make full use of the Sun all the time. The ecological houses are energy-efficient. Most are equipped with double glazing which catch 90 percent of the Sun’s rays. As it is already such an ecological House must be efficient in energy issues by which if this is not met the objective of the ecological House is not reached. For example, the solar panels are used to heat rooms, also many households are now equipped with wind turbines that turn wind into electrical energy that is used to run day-to-day applications. Unfortunately, not many of us live in an ecological House, but that does not mean that we cannot let our bit for the environment care. Turn off the TV when not It is in use or it tries to walk more to baby, this can make a huge difference.

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