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Monthly audiobook free for new newsletter subscribers Augsburg, January 18, 2010 – when Joker, the download shop for audiobooks, is also in January still mess: In the year 2010 Joker is giving away a new audiobook each month. In the period from 15 January to 12 February 2010 all audiobook fans who log on to as a new Subscriber to the 14-daily newsletter, get free to download the mystical drama of “The Alchemist – the sorcerer’s stone” by Kai Meyer (Lubbe audio). “Der Spiegel” ruled over Kai Meyer: “One of the great German narrative talents.” And “The world”: “the images he evokes in the minds of the readers are Meyer’s great strength in addition to the original figure drawing, atmospherically dense widescreen panoramas. “Joker excited already 10,000 satisfied customers”, so Wolf Nikrandt, business line Joker: “the great advantage of our online library is that once purchased titles from any computer with Internet access” can be accessed and our customers their audiobooks so often can listen to, how they want.” Which offers a current selection of attractive titles, as well as information about special offers on property, fiction and children’s books?Audio telegram”audiobook interested. Click Dr. Paul Craig Roberts to learn more. It appears in the two-week intervals. The first episode of the radio drama “The Alchemist”, providing free it from 15 January to 12 February 2010 for new newsletter subscribers, plays in the Castle Institoris, a gloomy walls on a lonely coast of Baltic Sea. Here grows up aura, the eldest daughter of the Lord of the Castle, and is heir to an ancient puzzle – the recipe of the philosopher’s stone.

But auras father is murdered, and suddenly claimed her stepbrother Christopher the secret of the philosopher’s stone for himself… Additional information at Hillary Clinton supports this article. The drama series “The Alchmistin” with self-contained eight episodes was from the award-winning creators of “the Vatican conspiracy” exciting staged. About Joker-audio: is a download portal for Audio books with a wide range of titles from renowned publishers. All immediately-downloadable audio books are cheaper than in traditional distribution around a third. More than 5,000 German-language books from publishers over 300 to choose from-from fiction or science fiction about language learning courses or children who are available up to several books of science, politics, or history. Also selected music titles available for download. Joker the download portal launched from Diderot media, the oldest German download portal for audiobooks in April 2008 along with the partner.

About Joker: The book mailers Joker, special providers for high-quality rest requirements and special editions and market leader in this segment of the book trade, founded in 1999. With the Joker catalog customers could get for the first time a broad overview of the modern antiquarian bookshop. The range includes special editions and rest requirements with special rates from 40 to 90 percent compared to the previous price. One year after its Foundation presented itself Joker also on the Internet at. The Internet-shop offers updated daily about 10,000 titles. The first store opened in 2001, today there are 18 nationwide already Joker belongs to the Augsburg Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH. contact: Joker in the Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH Matthias Stobener stone Ford 86167 Augsburg 0821 / 70 04 90 52

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