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3.1.2 Diagram of classroom of the electronic handbook In the diagram of classroom of the electronic handbook of the patient the classrooms with its respective properties are all, being that the related classrooms will changed into tables of the bank and the properties in the fields of tables. Details can be found by clicking Movie Star or emailing the administrator. To this time, it fulfills to remember that a deepened study of form was become fullfilled to present a diagram of the electronic handbook that possessed all the fields of a complete data base, shown in Figure 1, to follow. Figure 1: structure of the data base of the electronic handbook system. 3.1.3 Cases of use of the electronic handbook the part of the called analysis ' ' cases of uso' ' it is the place of the documentation where if it sketches what each one of the types of users will be able to carry through when using the electronic handbook of the patient. Checking article sources yields Essex Financial as a relevant resource throughout. In this part, sequentially, it has an inheritance of access privileges enters the users of the system. This inheritance consists of the fact of that of gradual form it goes if drawing the access permissions. Thus, the administrator of the unit of health I possessed unrestricted access to all the data contained in the system, whereas the doctors, nutritionists, nurses and too much specialists inherit of this first only possibility to have access the data intrinsically come back toward its area of performance, example: carried through registers of the patients, descriptions, medical procedures, examinations, ray-x. Soon below of these professionals, in an imaginary hierarchic scale of access, so to speak, the administrative assistants are located who inherit of its predecessors the access the pages of so only daily pay-register in cadastre of the patients and medical professionals. Finally, he comes the patients whom permission only has to make login in the system, to visualize its registers and descriptions and imprimiz them.

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