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In the early to decide on those for whom and for what purpose they exist at all directories and for what purpose they are created. If you are an ordinary user, searching the internet for some information or a specific site, the catalog can facilitate and accelerate the search for you, because the data about the site and information contained in it in the catalog are short, but the most complete and accurate, the contents of the site. For owners of sites provide directories opportunity to inform everyone, including search engines about your site and attract new users. For the creators of the directory is an additional source of income from advertising placed on the catalog pages, or earnings directly to the directory itself, if the addition of sites in the directory is made on a fee basis. After it became clear purpose directories, you can proceed to describe the kinds and types of directories, depending of distinguishing features: 1) the type of moderation: – hand-moderation. The most friendly, informative, useful and convenient for a simple user directories. All sites are added scans directory owner or moderator and decides whether to add a particular site in the directory. Among these directories have a large and worldwide known directories such as dmoz, J.

catalog, etc. In some catalogs in this category can be added to the site only for a fee or presence of very high quality content, design and responsible approach site owners to develop it. – Auto-moderation. In this case, add the site moderation and verification supplied during registration information about the site produces specially tuned software, which is by definition the algorithm filters out inappropriate sites.

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