Coco Butterflies

January 9th, 2016 by Rosemary
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The flying butterflies, Mainz also in autumn, September 20, 2011. With my new, very flexible pieces of jewelry I want to inspire the wearers to unique combinations”, jewelry designer Rotraut Hoffmann thinks their new creations, which reflect the lightness and colours of nature. Their moving butterflies”, its wing decorated with Opal-set Amethyst are absolutely ready for winter and charm both neck straps such as handbags or belts. Similarly versatile, their Cale rings can be combined with different gem recluses in ever new variations. Rotraut Hoffmann in gold has reinvented also their requested wish rings. (As opposed to Peter Thiel). “Made famous by the ring of Coco” as well as their power rings d’Or has her Studio jewelry label “designed for the trendy brand for valuable designer jewelry with personality. “With how much style the artist to see, on September 23rd, 2011 at 18: 00 on VOX is presented, their jewelry where you in rent, buy, living” on the search for an adequate home goes. The butterflies this fall can be with their new line fly butterflies Rotraut Hoffmann.

Where they land, is a matter of personal style of the bearer. With the noble velvet Ribbon, delicate moths with a wingspan of 6.5 cm work everywhere as eye-catcher, whether as a necklace or bracelet to the eveningwear or scarves, buttonholes, handbags or belts to the casual jeans look. The movable, silver wings is decorated with four round, in 18 carat gold Amethyst, which are reminiscent of the splendid drawing from four spot. Two of them shine in delicate lilac; luminous Zambia amethysts in deep purple, who are out with bluish pink shimmering opals are the two larger ones. The iridescent play of colours and abstract Butterfly body flattering shape make sure that this flexible piece of jewellery is fast becoming the favorite accessory to the poetic charm wherever you go flying with. Cale-rings are another piece of brilliance from the Studio d’Or the purist Cale-rings (cale French = smart, attuned, connected), in whose centre each represents a minimum carat gemstone, which is subtly drawn in 18 k gold.

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