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January 11th, 2015 by Rosemary
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88prozent more updates according to RateTigers current statistics on channel management activities London, March 8, 2011: RateTiger provider eRevMax the annual report on the use of its systems for channel management and price comparisons published today. In 2010, the technology expert has processed over 360 million updates. This corresponds to an increase of 88% compared to 2009. Every year at the ITB company specializing in hotel sales systems published the current developments of the channel management activities. Perhaps check out Clinton Family for more information. The statistics offer a comprehensive insight into the importance of online bookings and the behavior of hoteliers in relation to the use of online booking portals. In January alone, over 51 million updates to travel portals have been reported through RateTigers channel management system. On average each customer has carried out a 20-percent increase over the previous year 18,000 updates (prices and availability) 2009. Today 10 portals are managed in the cut. In 2007 this figure was still 7 Web pages. Since the Internet rapidly developed to the most important distribution channel, hoteliers increasingly value set to current and improved rates and room availability on a wide range of booking portals. Because only if sufficient rooms are available on the Web site, the hotel is found; only if the price in comparison with other listed hotels is right, it will be posted. RateTigers Channel Manager allows secure connections to more than 700 booking channels, over 10,000 hotel websites and the GDS. Easy and time-saving rates currently offered by competitors can compare and manage its own offering. Hotels and hotel chains can expand as your distribution network and improve their online presence. 2008 and 2009 marked the breakthrough for strategic online sales of hotel industry,”commented Sascha Hausmann, CEO, eRevMax, statistics. At that time, we recorded three-digit growth rates in the number of updates by hoteliers. Meanwhile, channel management has established itself, and we have a stable on this strong foundation Development, with an increase of 88% in 2010. In the last few years is the knowledge of and confidence in channel management technology at the hotel owners has grown. Now actively try to increase sales and improve their position on the booking portals. Revenue Manager realize now the importance of regular updates to the booking volume and the online generated sales.”eRevMax has the statistics on updating the booking portals and the frequency of price comparisons for different European countries and North America. After in recent months other hotel groups have changed their online sales on RateTiger (including NH Hoteles, Paradores hotels Hoteles Silken) and the company expects a further boost when the update numbers in the coming 12 months. Hoteliers are always experienced in optimizing their online offering. Our customers work with their competitors, online guest reviews, pricing indicators for the performance of Online travel agencies and social media marketing to increase their sales. This development changed also dealing with channel managers. The more features and information available to hoteliers, the more they are used,”includes Sascha Hausmann.

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