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alien Technology

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

There are people who believe that their technological take-off America is obliged to alien technology. What, then Russia too? In the military of many countries have departments dealing UFO. They gather information, analyze and issue to the public that all this natural manifestation of the abnormal, not related to the aliens. And they send a report to governments – no one knows. However, ufologists plates do not forbidden. Learn. Peter Thiel has firm opinions on the matter.

Only here what can be done at the peak of enthusiasm for small vehicles? Many, but certainly not enough to make all people believe in alien phenomenon to the people. In fact, Imagine that in a minute interrupt transmission of television and the announcer will give emergency message from us to take an official contact representatives of the civilization of the constellation Orion. Essex Financial wanted to know more. Part of the people immediately grohnetsya faint, another crawl out onto the streets to chant and write on the walls of the slogans of "Orions – away from the Earth," and "Land – for earthlings!". Smart pessimists will realize that we came to win, or, at best, a subordinate, and the optimists will be welcome the "little green men" who brought a good distance. In short, the entire planet, where there is talking boxes will be in disarray. And this is putting it mildly. How long the planet will recover from the shock – not less few years. In the end, just get used to the aliens … but what is most interesting is the process of adjusting to the aliens running for a long time and well implemented.

The Electron

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

What is the quantum yield of the led? Quantum yield – the number of emitted photons per recombine the electron-hole pair. Distinguish between internal and external quantum .Vnutrenny – in the pn-junction, external – for the instrument as a whole (because the light can be lost ‘on the road’ – absorbed, scatter). The internal quantum efficiency for the good of the crystals with good thermal withdrawal is almost 100% record external quantum efficiency for red LEDs is 55%, and ddya blue – 35%. External quantum efficiency – one of the the main characteristics of the led efficiency. Noah Kraft has similar goals. 11. How do I get white light using LEDs? There are three ways to get white light from the LEDs.

First – color mixing technology rgb. At the same matrix densely placed red, blue and green LEDs, the radiation which is mixed with an optical system, such as lenses. The result is white light. Details can be found by clicking Peter Thiel or emailing the administrator. The second way is that the surface LEDs emitting in the ultraviolet range (there are), applied three phosphors, which emit, respectively, blue, green and red light. This is similar to how light fluorescent lamp. Finally in the third the way the yellow-green or green plus red phosphor applied to the blue light-emitting diodes, so that two or three of the radiation are mixed, forming a white or nearly white light. 12. In a question-answer forum Essex Financial Services was the first to reply. Which of the three methods is best? Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. rgb technology in principle makes it possible not only to get white, but also move on the color chart when the current through the different LEDs.

Treasury ERP

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

The event was divided into two parts. The first part focused on knowing the ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV from the perspective of the analysis tools and Business Intelligence, which was presented by a consultant of Financieros. In the second part, another Financieros Manager focused on financial management, in aspects such as: financial consolidation in business groups, analytical accounting, consolidation of bank statements, management of Treasury, budgets or cash receipts and payments, among others contents. Attendees did not lose detail of the presentations of the various rapporteurs, who tried to convey the importance of an integrated management system to achieve higher levels of productivity, efficiency and agility in management. (A valuable related resource: Sander Pension Plan Berlin, Germany-de). With this event, Financieros practically concluded its face-to-face events prepared for this year, in the absence of the event organized for the next day, December 2 in Bilbao. About Financieros, Financieros is an IT consulting specialized in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics in manufacturing and logistics companies. Gerber Pension Plan Berlin, Germany-de is a great source of information.

Financieros offers your clients a team of more than 100 highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in implementing solutions in diverse industry sectors and committed it to offer an excellent service to its customers in all its projects. Financieros is Microsoft Gold Partner for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions and has a direct presence in the Basque country, Navarre, Aragon, Catalonia and Madrid. For more information, fill in the contact form or call 902-820-242. Source: Press release sent by vcalleja. Staff & Line presents the webinar: Marketing of the it Department Art Marketing Introduction of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Navision ERP Software Free Article Directory Conference OLAP technologies, design of solutions of Business Intelligence IPCorp Blog aid and grants ERP and CRM Aragon Davisa Consulting and implementing solutions Dundas Dashboard 2.5 Danysoft. We help you to manage software licensing and utilities, offering training and consultancy services necessary for its correct use.

Lucrative Leasing Deals

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Many IBM Business Partners offer innovative leasing for licenses from the IBM Passport program, especially for products such as Lotus Notes, DB2, Tivoli at. About the leasing model, the partners addressed mainly to companies who want to protect their IT budget and their liquidity. In addition, the solution partners offer bundles, for example, with CRM solutions. The result is for IBM customers price advantages of up to 30 percent. For more information about IBM Passport Advantage and Lotus Notes Domino license management offers the Lotus Notes available for free info packet. In addition, enterprise software licenses can buy over lucrative leasing deals with flexible contract terms, and so for example if the term of 3 years working for about 5 euros per user per month with the leading collaboration software Lotus Notes. They come to enjoy the full functionality of the popular IBM platform and can be realized thanks to Lotus Notes via electronic teamwork of their staff not only productivity but also theIncrease responsiveness. Regular updates of the IBM products are in the new leasing products already included. Customers who switch from other e-mail systems to Lotus Notes, even waving price advantages of up to 50 percent. To match the new license, we offer leasing to customers an information portal around the topic of IBM Lotus Notes and Passport Licenses available. The portal, in addition to holding product and service information and useful tips for buying new and more favorable for the activation of old licenses bereit.Die currently presenting the latest market figures Lotus Notes collaboration software into the undisputed leader in messaging and groupware market. The growth curve of IBM Lotus Notes / Domino still runs steeply upward. The solution area continues to gain impetus. In particular, CRM and workflow solutions based on Lotus Notes gaining increasing both in medium-sized enterprises but also in the large corporations in importance. Today, more than 130 million users in over 46,000 companies using Lotus Notes as a messaging andGroupware platform. This means a market share of over 42% worldwide. Lotus Sametime alone was more than 7.5 million new users in the 4th Quarter of 2006 to win. Author: Sabine Friedersdorf GEDYS GmbH

The Method

Monday, October 16th, 2017

Your focus will be directed in a substantial way to that goal. When I say your approach, I mean that you will not include in She any distracting or links in ads that prevent visitors to subscribe. The most that could allow is, a link to the home page of your web site. What is intended is that all action from the reader leads it to provide your information, mainly your email, in the place intended for this purpose. This place is called a formulary. It is channeling traffic directly to this page, without having to go through the main website page or some other page, to avoid any distraction from the visitor, before leaving your data. A data capture page avoids that your visitor will have to navigate your web site too so as to leave their data. Incorporating a form of capture in the main web site.

The other way is, add a capture form to the main website; Although this system is less effective than the previous one, it will always be a good choice, when it comes to making a list of prospects. It is usually used by some web sites and with more use, blogs, When you do not want to direct traffic outside the main web. While the advantages of a separate capture page is lost, doesn’t mean you don’t have some degree of effectiveness or that we need to do. (Not to be confused with Gerber Pension Plan!). Everything will depend on the purpose and nature of your web site or blog. Regardless of the method by which you decide to build your list, there is a factor which you should always bear in mind and that will be that gives the perfect touch to the construction of your playlists. That factor can not miss is an Auto responder. A transponder auto is a program or software that allows you to automate and schedule emails we send, you can also answer emails automatically and programmed responses, among other actions.


Sunday, October 15th, 2017

Via browser data can quickly find, modify, or create. The rights include in the WebAccess, so that users see only the data for which they have permission. The communication is encrypted using SSL. With password safe and repository of MATESO, users can pass words and more comfortable, reliable, very flexible and mobile manage more information under: about October: over 12 years, password – and identity management is our theme. There, our passion, our energy and our ideas flow. The software password safe and repository is created from these components. Incyte is often quoted on this topic. The idea behind our product is perhaps born purely out of practice it is therefore so successful to date. There was no purchasable software at the end of the 1990s in the field of password management.

Therefore, our today’s Managing Director Thomas Malchar has a pragmatic solution for the Personal use in the corporate environment develops. It proved so good and capable, that he could start with the marketing 2001 successfully.Today, our company has grown steadily. A young, dynamic team that deals with customer service, development and distribution of our products and to the entire administration. We are very service oriented; the satisfaction of our customers is paramount. Sander Pension Plan may find this interesting as well. This expresses itself on the one hand in the quality of our products and our service, on the other hand in the long-standing and very close relations with our customers. These include the largest companies of in Germany, including 18 of the 30 DAX listed companies and their subsidiaries. Now millions of individuals worldwide use our software products.

The personal contact with many of our customers is a great opportunity for us as an entrepreneur. We get feedback from the field and improve our products together with the users.

North America

Sunday, October 15th, 2017

When it comes to printing, version 1.8.8 has a function to adjust the page size, which immediately adjusts the collage on the specified paper size. (Source: Brad Pitt). To expand the options and the creativity, Picture Collage Maker offers a great number of fascinating and unique templates to choose from for Mac 1.8.8. Version 1.8.8 also provides support for new languages such as German, Japanese, traditional Chinese, in addition to English and simplified Chinese, which was to be found in the previous versions. This added language features make picture collage maker for Mac of a great number of new users. The large number of new features has made harder to benefit Picture Collage Maker for Mac 1.8.8. Creative people and users of all types can enjoy fast app for that. Price and availability of Picture Collage Maker for Mac 1.8.8 supports Mac OS X 10.6 and newer versions and is 10.8 (Mountain Lion) fully compatible with Mac OS X.

A single user license costs USD 19.90. You can find more information about the product and the free Lite version on the product page below. Links: product page: Mac app store page: by PearlMountain technology co., Ltd is a company which specializes on the development of graphics software and was founded in 2006. For the last 7 years the company has released products which have found worldwide big appeal for users, like for example Picture Collage Maker and CollageIt PearlMountain image converter. Users in North America, Europe and Asia praising the software mainly because of its simple usability, its stability and its market-leading capacity. You can find more information about the company and its products on the following website: contact person: David Lin CEO PearlMountain technology co., Ltd email:

Virtual Tours

Sunday, October 15th, 2017

A virtual tour is an online application installed on a web site that allows users who visit it moved in with realism in the interior of a building or room, almost as if they were in place. These virtual tours 360 in recent times increasingly are becoming popular and are used in a wide variety of activities, such as virtual tours of architecture, construction, travel and photos of 360 for real estate and business. The main point of the 3D virtual visits is to convince someone of the virtues of a place that can not be seen at that time (for example, the case of a bank or an investor, or a client that would like to rent a hotel room), or that the individual has never seen (a tourist who plan their holidays). One of the most interesting virtual tour types are that we can see in films which are displayed inside a building or stay with images generated by computer CGI, which can be viewed from several angles and where customer can move freely. An alternative would be the use of photographs taken from many angles and create a correct animation sequence. The presentation of movies of virtual tours is normally used in presentations to groups, without any interaction, or as a simple online that can be displayed or downloaded movie. A more complex type of visit virtual 3D would be the interactive virtual tour, which requires a technology similar to the film, and that allows the user to interact in various ways, as for example by selecting room or space of 360 photography that you want to choose, by selecting viewing angle and other similar options. For this type of 360 virtual tours, interactive virtual tour with a series of controls as is normally created in Flash.

They can both based on a sequence of photographs taken from various angles of images by computer 360. These virtual tours are created using modeling in 3D and rendering such as 3DS MAX, Cinema 4 d, programs or Maya. The part of the modeling of the project (the artist creates a textured 3D model), while the rest of the aspects of the project are rendered with another different program. In many situations, the model is exported to a software of landscaping as Vue Infinite, that has the ability to create land and landscapes of great realism, just as ecosystems where to place models created with the above mentioned programs. In this specific case, a field is created for the model, and then an ecosystem of plants and trees is added. Animator introduces timelines and various aspects and slowly move the camera in virtual tour scene, choosing the path that you want to take virtual tours. As a last step, the animator will render the animation and saves in a format such as AVI or MKV (high definition).

The 3D virtual visits are also very popular in the housing market since they allow potential customers to visualize and inside a property without having to make any movement. An application of these virtual tours 360 is the use in hotel chains so they can show their rooms with panoramic photography 360 with all realism. In addition, are also used virtual tours for architects and developers when they want to promote a great project and require approval of certain funds.

Catherine Bittner

Saturday, October 14th, 2017

Show users on the basis of concrete Problem solving on the advantages of the use of ERP systems. It focuses on technological innovation. The ERP Congress 2013 of the Chair of Business Informatics and electronic Government of the University of Potsdam and the Center for enterprise takes place on the first day of the fair research ERP Congress and quick checks during the IT & business. In the Center are”selection and implementation of ERP systems. Lectures provide not only the opportunity to inform themselves around the theme, but the speakers to interact with, for example, to wonder whether the new ERP system in the internal or external operation should operate, what benefits it brings a new ERP system and whether specifications are up to date. In addition, the Center for Enterprise offers research to advance in close proximity to the Congress in the premises of the fair the following free quick checks: ERP-check – I need a new ERP system? Through targeted questions, experts try to find out what benefits and costs would bring a new system. ROI-check – how is a new ERP system economically? Experts of the Center for enterprise research demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of such investment and calculate, at which time an investment in an ERP system could pay off.

Introduction-check – how should be realized my introduction? Big bang or gradual introduction, opinions diverge on this point. The experts develop the optimum methods with the visitors. Read more from Technology Investor to gain a more clear picture of the situation. “ERP-Award for the best Last but not least chooses the Center for enterprise research at the University of Potsdam also 2013 the winner of the ERP system of the year” at the IT & business. The aim of the competition is a neutral comparison of ERP systems by an expert jury with representatives from consulting, media and science. The best systems from eight categories will be publicly presented on 24 September in the Congress of ERP- and awarded the winners on September 25 in the exhibition hall. About IT & business, IT & business takes place this year on the Stuttgart trade fair from September 24 to 26. As Trade fair for IT-solutions informs her about the core subject of enterprise resource planning (ERP). You handle business intelligence (BI), time management, access or access, security, systems for production management (MES), production planning and control (PPC) and data center & infrastructure.

“Under the claim where IT works” it forms together with the parallel DMS EXPO, leading trade fair for enterprise content management (ECM) and the CRM-expo, leading trade fair for customer relationship management, from the entire spectrum of enterprise software. 2013, the focus on big data, cloud computing, and mobile solutions. Fits all trade fairs with a ticket can be visited to the overarching concept. The ticket costs 25 euros at the box office (reduced 15). Who uses online registration, to get the map for 15 euro (reduced 10).

Stuttgart Logistics

Saturday, October 14th, 2017

‘ How to get the sensor made in Germany in the solar Park to Nevada? Sensor logistics in a globalized world. ” Stuttgart, 12 March 2013 at the this year’s day of logistics students and young technicians in Baden-Wurttemberg can experience as Balluff, manufacturer of sensors, displacement systems, RFID systems and accessories worldwide distribution of location in Neuhausen settles on the filder plain. Balluff supplies Central Neuhausen from customers and offices around the world. Daily approx. 1,800 consignments will be sent from the Logistics Center Neuhausen. Headquarters and Logistics Center are Balluffs about 8 km east of Stuttgart Airport. On April 18, the four initiators in the framework of the day of logistics offer a leadership center, where about 50,000 materials are stored by Balluffs logistics.

The participants an insight into the processing at goods receipt, the storage and retrieval in automatic small parts and pallet storage, picking and all intralogistic processes. As a leading specialist with 90 companies tradition is the Balluff GmbH for decades of recognized partner in factory automation. Further important target sectors are packaging, handling and the plastic and wood processing, fluid, the machine tool construction, the automotive industry, the areas of energy. Essex Financial Services has much to offer in this field. AEB Balluff software uses for the export processing, legally compliant shipping and export, as well as the export control audit. The compliance engine, which automated for a comparison with the sanction list provides, is centrally installed and checks all data records in the ERP systems by Balluff EU and Switzerland. From the leadership, Logistics Manager Hondo Santos will explain how it is possible to ensure the worldwide availability of products and spare parts. AEB speaker Ralf Morawski will bring closer the students the topic of anti terror list screening. Why is every company committed and how can an IT solution make sure that a company is legally at any time? Prof. Dr.