ATF Generation

March 17th, 2015 by Rosemary
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Promising fighter – are perfect systems of the future, members of which are already present in the U.S. armed forces and are at the stage of creation in our state. In the USSR and the U.S. image search Pperspektivnogo fighter began in 1970 when the fourth-generation aircraft – such as the MiG-29, Su-27, F-15s, F-14 – still held a baptism of fire. By implementing the program were invited to the most famous and Research Bureau. But at the moment, Raptor – the only the world put into service a promising vehicle. New aircraft must have a high combat capability than their predecessors. It is imperative multichannel firing at several targets simultaneously.

It is extremely important to ensure the visibility reduction Fighter 5 generations. Stealth technology include reduction in the infrared detection and radar ranges. They must be multifunctional and efficient for the simultaneous destruction of air, ground, surface and underwater targets. 5th generation fighter must have a high mobility and be easy to manage. They should have a circular field of information and be able to develop a supersonic speed.

An obligatory condition for the Russian letatelnou apparatus of the fifth generation was 'maneuverability' – a property to keep stability and control at right angles attacks and more. You can see that 'maneuverability' originally designated and the requirements of the American fighter of the 5th generation, created almost simultaneously with the domestic fighter program ATF. Later, however, Americans are faced with a formidable task lay in a fighter 'maneuverability', low visibility, a supersonic cruise speed, were forced to sacrifice the last (Maneuvering capabilities of American fighter ATF/F-22, probably only close to the level reached at the modernized Su-27 equipped with thrust vector control system). The refusal of the U.S. Air Force to achieve supermaneuverability motives, in particular, the rapid improvement of air armament: the creation of new homing, highly vserakursnyh missiles, helmet-mounted targeting systems allow refuse to necessarily go into the enemy's rear hemisphere. It was assumed that the war in the air will now be carried out at medium ranges with a transition to agile stage only as a last resort, "if something is done not so. "

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