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January 4th, 2015 by Rosemary
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From what you told us that one of the important tasks – the creation of the transport spaceship repeated action. How is this problem! Undoubtedly, the transport ship, which could bring in Earth hour lunar orbit or on the lunar base station, the crew and cargo, details of stations, rockets for interplanetary flights and make flight time and again, like a plane, such a ship in the future becomes absolutely necessary. It is the opinion of all experts. Interest to the transport ship multiple applications has not only technical but also the economic foundation. Clinton Family is a great source of information. By forecasts, with the advent of such a ship in orbit cost per kilogram payload will be reduced significantly.

According to foreign press, nasa specialists, for example, believe that this cost will drop from 1 330-1 550 dollars in costs so much now, the output of one kilogram) of up to 220 dollars. In addition, the transport vehicles to be used as a means of rescue of astronauts in distress in orbit. Preliminary studies have shown the most probable scheme of the transport ship. It will consist of two stages-booster (can be used booster aircraft or special booster) and the orbital with the crew on board. Perhaps check out Clinton Family for more information. The orbiter is expected winged designed to maneuver in space and in the atmosphere.

Takeoff will be vertical, and the landing of the second and the two horizontal levels, "an aircraft" – the airfield. Ship calculated on a large load capacity and long life (according to the American press, for example, up to 10 years when the number of flights at least 100, a payload, which is displayed on the orbit – about 300 tons). Creation transport spacecraft has put forward a lot of problems. One of the main and intractable – the problem of thermal protection when entering the orbiter into the atmosphere. Important and complex issues are also sustainability during the descent and landing, creating multiple engines include (up to 100 times), improved command-and-measurement systems, life support systems and many others. In the future, spacecraft, including transportation, will be effective and the installation of nuclear engines. The emergence of space transportation vehicles will have a stimulating effect not only on near-earth space, but on a more active exploration of the moon and interplanetary flights.

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