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Point Music

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

When we leave of the estimated one that if it only learns through that in it gives pleasure to them, we give the first step to mean the learning? our bigger objective, but that for times, one reveals of difficult reach, for we educators. Well used music is expressed one of the best ways to get resulted positive to rescue autoestima, to provoke mannering changes, to bring tona kept feelings, as rancor, hurt and sadness and to transform everything this, freeing them of its fears and distresses and granting the possibility to know a world which it is part and it does not have conscience of this. Music is an ecumenical, inspired, generating language of good feelings, sensations. How to forget musics our infancy, which nor we need the letter to cantarolar to the four winds? An only time in our life is necessary to hear a music so that it not skirt more than our mind. The medias have used musical techniques, as jingles, popular musics and electronic sounds per years, stop instigating in them to like its products, the consumiz them and to make a relation between the product and the melody, through our sensitivity. Music exerts an enormous one to be able on our minds to the point of modifying in them without this is perceived or simply desired. Taking these points in consideration, one notices that it is possible to use music to teach.

Comprovadamente is one of the best ways for the process teach-learning. To learn with music is very positive, therefore in it stirs up the emotion to them, making to lose us in our thoughts and ace times disconnects in them of everything what at the moment it is in harming mentally. For the professors of English language it is of utmost importance the use of music, therefore the translation is not necessary to transform information into knowledge of significant form.

WIFI Access Point

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

WIFI the silent killer! Nobody sees it, nobody hears it, but damages occur and are incalculable introduction WIFI wireless networks already have become a necessity for most engineers. In hotels, universities, airports, all we will used that although not seen, WIFI is present. Omnipotent, all over hopefully meet with some wave RF which allows us to connect. Need nobody thinks too in the dangers that are lurking WIFI the silent killer! Index of the article introduction the difference between wired networks and the networks wireless WIFI Los problems of security of the networks WIFI Las safety measures for a wireless WIFI Access Point hostile and communications uncontrollable Hot-Spot-Wi-Phishing other types of attacks Wireless 2.-the difference between wired networks and wireless networks WIFI in spite of that many it professionals do not they have reflected on this topic, there are big differences between wired networks and wireless networks WIFI. In wired networks, information is sent through the cable, which is a private and exclusive, while in WIFI, information is sent through the air, which is a public and shared. In wired networks, Ethernet sends electrical signals, while wireless networks WIFI, sent waves of Radio frequency (RF), i.e. To broaden your perception, visit Naveen Selvadurai.

energy. Conclusion: The information that travels through the cable cannot be seen easily by strange eyes, while the information travels by air can be intercepted by anyone. It is impossible to avoid that wireless traffic can be observed or captured! . 3. The problems of security of networks WIFI then think what would happen if arriving in the morning at our Office, we find our Ethernet network cables cut and with a branch directed towards the Office from a neighbor? We probably denunciariamos it by stealing information, or violate our privacy. As well, in the case of wireless networks WIFI, the same neighbor, can observe or pry all our information and violating our privacy without being seen, without cutting wires, and of course without us noticing.

Life in Kazan

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Kazan – one of the most beautiful cities in Russia, capital of Tatarstan. The History of Kazan has a little more than 1000 years, during this time in the life of the city there are many different highlights that are relevant to the present day, as for the city, and for the country as a whole. Read more here: Peter Thiel. Nemenov interesting discussions taking place around the appearance of a city – Kazan. According to one legend, the town got its name from the word 'cauldron' – what with the Tatar language means 'pot'. Modern city in recent years began to change in appearance, is actively developing the infrastructure of the city.

Is coming of tourism, sports and hospitality industries. Developing innovative technologies, introduced the results information technology, there are industrial parks for the development and implementation of ideas. Today the city of Kazan – is one of the large and attractive cities in our country. Kazan was determined famous magazine Forbes, the second city of the Russian Federation good for business. In recent years the city was embodied a lot of projects – construction of the new Millennium ippodromamosta across Kazankuotkrytie metrokotoroe and continues to grow into new vetkamibyla restored mosque Kul-Sharif. There are still many projects and much more ambitious, but as long as you can see only the foundations of future buildings. , A significant event in the life of the city of Kazan has become – the status The third capital of Russia, which is enshrined the relevant acts and gives the right to use this trademark the third capital of the Russian Federation to represent the international arena. Also one of the highlights of the history of the modern city is winning and getting the right to host the 27th Universiade in 2013. Now there is an active construction of sports facilities for the Universiade, which then become sites for development young talents.

Cloud Computing

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

If you’re abreast of technological advances, you have heard speak frequently of Cloud Computing, a business model in which services are provided through the network, including data, applications, various resources. Hence that also is has popularized the term work in the cloud already that our computer systems won’t have to accommodate all the information, which translates into greater agility in the provision of services and use of resources, and the availability of used services regardless of our location. On the other hand we have a very safe infrastructure, perfectly prepared to protect all these data, contemplating the possibility of our cloud is private, public or hybrid. In the public Cloud it activities is us poporcionan from the network, over the Internet, providing that we can leverage the resources and possibilities without having to know the technological infrastructure. In the case of the private Cloud, we find that there are still running as a service, but rather than being provided by the Internet, the activities and functions are organized within the company’s intranet. And in the hybrid case can decide which types of services want is us to provide either internal or external. The Cloud features allow that their benefits are mined by any company, regardless of its size, without be only suitable for larger organizations. It is in this area where IBM, one of the companies with more force at Cloud level, has brought its innovations, since they have created a specific section on the web in that order, giving the possibility to hire free of charge Cloud services, and pay for single resources when they are needed.

Presenting also a payment model for use with preferential prices which may be obtained through packages of reserved capacity. On the page there is also a section that allows us to estimate the costs, as well as specific information about the adoption of cloud computing and opinions of clients or experts associated with the work in the cloud. This possibility of hiring the services with a single click, allows that the companies that are interested in adopting this type of strategy, can do so saving you long processes administrarivos. And it is saving one of the keys to this strategy, since among its features is reducing investment capital, or in labor costs. Which others joined as the standardization of tools and settings, or agility, since with the self-service web portal we can provision us in a few minutes, and with the extensive catalog of software images to which we have access to enjoy greater flexibility. If you want to learn more about Cloud Computing, or are evaluating the possibility of being part of this strategy, you can access IBM to complete the information.

Solar Panels For Homes

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

The problem of using environmentally clean and free solar energy, moreover, concern of humanity since time immemorial, but only recently has progress in this area will begin to form a real, evolving solar energy market. To date, the main methods of direct use of solar energy are converting it into electricity and heat. Solar radiation can be converted into permanent electric current through a solar cell – a device consisting of a thin film of silicon or other semiconductor materials. To read more click here: Naveen Selvadurai. The advantage of photovoltaic cells (solar cells) due to lack of moving parts, their reliability and stability. At the same time their life is practically unlimited.

They have a small mass, are easy maintenance, effective use of both direct and scattered solar radiation. The modular design allows you to create the type of installation of almost any power and makes them at the moment is very promising. Solar panels are mainly used so far in space and on Earth only for power autonomous consumers of up to 1 kW power and low-power radio-navigation electronics equipment, electric drive and experimental aircraft. In 1988 in Australia , the first global rally solar cars. However, at present, solar cells are already finding applications in residential homes for independent power supply, ie, heating and hot water, and also to generate electricity for lighting and power appliances. What types of photovoltaic solar cells are there? Autonomous. Used in the absence of network connectivity.

Generated electricity used for lighting, power household appliances (refrigerator, TV, electric oven, dryer), electric appliances (air conditioner, fan, pump), power tools (drill, Bulgarian). Reserve. Connected to networks of poor quality, are used in the event of network outages or poor quality mains supply to meet the load. Connected to the network. If the object is connected to the network centralized power, solar panels can be used to generate your own electricity. Excess electrical energy is commonly sold electricity. PV system consists of photovoltaic modules and additional components: cables, supporting structures and, depending on the type of system (connected to a network or stand-alone back-up), is also an electronic inverter and charge controller with battery.

Toyota Model

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

In the sequence, toyotismo and its application in the assembly plant will be presented the points most excellent of the new model of called organization FIAT of automobiles. 2.2 – Toyota model of Production the present work comes presenting, from analytical clippings of a gamma of authors, the diverse phases, lived deeply for the workers, inside of the evolutivo process of the models of organization of the production inside of the system manufacter. They had been analyzed, since the system of the manufacture, until the organizacionais insertion manufacter and its models taylorista/fordista, in century XX.

From then on, a synthesis of the studies of Ricardo will be made Antunes in what it refers to the Toyota Model of Japanese production called toyotismo. According to Antunes (2002), in the decades of 70 and 80, due to implantation of the advanced technology in the ways of production, the fordismo if mixture or it is substituted by the toyotismo. In this model, as the author observes, ‘ ‘ the production in series is substituted by one artisan model, more disconcentrated and technologically developed, producing a market more located and regional’ ‘. this basic trace in its constitution is it differentiates what it of the fordista model when (…) in contrast of the fordismo, the production under the toyotismo is come back and lead directly by the demand. The production is varied, diversified and ready to supply the consumption. Who is this determines what it will be produced, and I do not oppose it, as it is proceeded in the production in series and of mass of the fordismo, In this manner, the production is supported in the existence of the minimum supply.

Mastercard Chips Cards

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Matos (1997) clarifies the functionality of smart card with contact, where the same ' ' it must be inserted in a reader with direct connection to a micron module in the surface of the card. It is through these points of physical contact that the transmission of commands, data and status of the card acontece' '. Whereas, in relation to as the type, without contact or contactless, the functionality occurs when the approach of the card to the reading machine happens, through electromagnetic signals. Matos (1997) comments that; … a card without contact demands only proximity of the reader. As much the reader how much the card has antennas and is through this connection without physical contact that the two if communicate. majority of this type of cards generates and also it uses internal energy of this electromagnetic signal. Since the sprouting of smart cards, the technology comes being used for the development of more complete cards each time, that is, that they do not only exert the primary functions of credit and debit, but that also they facilitate its use. It is not something Peter Thiel would like to discuss.

In reference to this, the evolution degree can be demonstrated that related cards has been submitted. As data of the Mastercard Chips (2009) the evolution of the banking cards was given of the following form: the first generation of the cards only contained given in high relief, in second was created tarja magnetic, third and current it incorporated chip. It still has in the market, the options that join the characteristics of the three generations, cards with the data of the user in high relief, with tarja magnetic and with chip, so that the establishments that if had not yet adjusted the new generation do not leave to effect the transactions commercial. However, the evolution will not have to last for time, not considering tecnolgica.3.1 TYPES OF SMART CARD OR INTELIGENTESOs CARDS intelligent cards differ how much to the memory and the form of contato.3.1.1 How much to they are memriDividem in hybrid cards of memory, cards with microprocessor and cards.


Sunday, November 9th, 2014

Addressing IP. Addressing IP: Address IP is a numerical identification assigned to each device hardwired to a net IP, determining a place for the device in the net. Address IP is a logical address (software) and not physicist (the hardware). Addressing IP was created to allow independently that a device in a net can be communicated with a device in another one, of the involved types of LANs (ethernet, Token-Ring, etc). To dominate the projects of addressing IP and its sub-nets, it is very important that if they dominate techniques of binary coverso for decimal, as well as powers of base 2.

Terminology IP: Bit: A digit – 1 or 0 Byte: A sequncia of 7 or 8 bits, depending on the used parity. The normal one is a sequncia of 8 bits. Octet: Always 8 bits. Address of Broadcast: Used address for applications and devices for the sending of messages to all the devices in a net, simultaneously (1-to-all). Example of Broadcast: An open system of TV, where all obtain to catch the signal of the same one, therefore the signal is sent of a point (transmissora antenna), for all the TVs in a region. Address of multicast: Used address for only one machine to reach a definite group of machines (1-to-many).

Example: Closed system of TV (TV for Signature). But a specific group of users (the subscribers) receives its signal. Address of Unicast: Communication of a machine for only another machine (1-to-1). Example: Pay-per-View, therefore only the subscriber who requested the program (and she paid for it) will receive, it. Techniques of Addressing IP: Binary numbers use 8 bits to define a decimal number. These bits have its considered values of the diretia for the left, through a factor that fold its value. This occurs for the fact of them to be definitive through powers of base 2.

Physical Resources

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

The new technological resources are for helping the professor in the teach-learning process and fit to the professor to perceive which resource must, when and as to use. The new technologies explore the use of image, sound and movement simultaneously, the maximum speed in the attendance to our demands and the work with the information of the events in real time. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Peter Thiel by clicking through. They place professors and pupils in the distance working and learning, dialoguing, arguing, searching, asking, answering, communicating information by means of resources that these interlocutors allow, living in the most distant places, to meet and to be become rich with mutual contacts.

137). Diverse authors appraise some used technological tools in classroom. It is possible dividiz them enters physical and virtual resources. The physical resources are concrete equipment, physically inserted in the datashow, classrooms, as for example, TV/DVD and digital picture. Already the virtual resources, are communication channels online intermediated by a physical resource? the computer? but, that it connects pupils and professors digitally to promote learning and interatividade. Below, the main ones technologies and its definitions: – Physical Resources) the Datashow Is a facilitador and mediating resource of learning. It is one multimiditica technique and hipermiditica that integrates image, light, sound, text, movement, research, it searchs, links already organized in proper them or with possibility to become them gifts through access the Internet.

With it, the pupil learns through all the directions and with innumerable incentives for the reflection and the understanding of the boarded subject during the lessons that he intends to be learned. (MASETTO, 2010) b) TV/DVD Is didactic tools that exert influence in the life of the pupil. Being thus, the use of these resources in the pertaining to school environment promotes the reading of the reality.

Nintendo Wii

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

This thematic one of being able to face a different reality where? to make the evil? it is the objective and many times rewarded and what it becomes the games, many times, target of criticizes. The game in itself does not stimulate the people to leave practising badnesses. But a person uses who it as escape of the reality can, yes, to be influenced. This escape, that becomes the harmful game, therefore the sensation of being able and confidence transmitted for the game to a influencivel person makes with that it carries through the same acts of the game, with the certainty of impunity. All we are a little influenced, we do not import the way where the information is sent, it fits to the players if to police so that the amusement if does not become something harmful. In this context the family, school and friends have a basic paper to alert males that the games can bring.

The player not note, it finds that he is if amusing, but the excess harms its life in diverse aspects: health and social life are two examples that we see with frequency to be told for the press. 3.2 Nor of males the games only live are not alone of curses that the world of the games is made even so the medias foquem only the negative points, have diverse resources that the games bring to favor the aspects positive, the current platforms are test of that to play can, yes, to not only make well for a player, but to a group. An example is Nintendo Wii and its accessories Wii Fit and Wii Balance Board that make possible the users if to exercise when playing video-game, such games already is used in academies and centers of recovery of accidents or fisioterapia, therefore diverse exercises of an easy form disponibilizam and with the interaction in games, what it becomes more pleasant the activities.